Bellator 181 Full Results

Here are the results for Bellator 181! The first six fights are preliminary fights, with the final four being on the main card. If you want to read a preview for this card first, read this

Preliminary Bouts

  1. Katy Collins (6-2) vs Bruna Vargas (2-1) (Women’s Flyweight Division)
    • The first prelim match on the card is Katy Collins versus Bruna Vargas. This match lasted all three rounds and went to decision. All three judges saw it 30-27 for Katy Collins, making her win the fight.
    • Katy Collins (7-2) def. Bruna Vargas (2-2) via Decision
  2. Aaron Rodriguez (0-0) vs Romero Cotton (0-0) (Middleweight Division)
    • The second match on the prelims is a double pro debut. Aaron Rodriguez and Romero Cotton both make their pro debuts against each other. This match, just like the one before, went the distance. The crowd was cheering for both of these fighters when the fight was ending. The first judge scored it 30-27 for Cotton, second judge scored it 30-27 for Rodriguez, and the third judge gave it to Cotton with a 29-28 score. Romero Cotton wins
    • Romero Cotton (1-0) def. Aaron Rodriguez (0-1) via Decision
  3. Logan Storley (5-0) vs Kemmyelle Haley (7-4) (Welterweight Division)
    • Our third preliminary match of the evening is Logan Storely versus Kemmyelle Haley in the Welterweight Division. In the first round of this match, with 3:16 left in this match, the ref called it via TKO for Logan Storely. Logan was just laying in some elbows while on the ground, which made the ref call it. Our first fight of the night that didn’t go the distance.
    • Logan Storely (6-0) def. Kemmyelle Haley (7-5) via TKO (1:44)
  4. A.J. Matthews (8-6) vs Andre Fialho (8-1) (Welterweight Division)
    • Now it is time for the Welterweight match between A.J. Matthews and Andre Fialho. This match went the whole 15 minutes. When we went to decision, the first judge gave the fight to Matthews with a 29-28 score. The second judge gave it to Fialho with a 29-28 score. The third and final judge gave the victory to Fialho with the score of 29-28. Fialho wins the match via decision.
    • Andre Fialho (9-1) def. A.J. Matthews (8-7)
  5. Valentin Moldavsky (5-1) vs Carl Seumanutafa (10-7) (Heavyweight Division)
    • Our first Heavyweight match of the night, is Valentin Moldavsky versus Carl Seumanutafa. Big John McCarthy is the referee for this match. This match, like many others on the prelims went to the judged scorecard. 30-26, 30-26, and 30-27 were what the judges all gave in favour of Valentin.
    • Valentin Moldavsky (6-1) def. Carl Seumanutafa (10-8) via Decision
  6. Mike Rhodes (10-4) vs Rafael Lovato Jr. (5-0) (Middleweight Division)
    • Mike Rhodes versus Rafael Lovato Jr. is the sixth match in the prelims. This match is in the Middleweight division. Not even two minutes into the first round, Lovato Jr. puts in a rear naked choke for the win. This ends the prelims for Bellator 181. The coverage resumed at 9PM EST.
    • Rafael Lovato Jr. (6-0) def. Mike Rhodes (10-5) via Submission (1:59)
  7. Steve Garcia (7-1) vs Joe Warren (14-6) (Bantamweight Division)
    • The first match on the main card of Bellator 181 is Steve Garcia versus Joe Warren in the Bantamweight Division. This match went all three rounds and went to the judges scorecards. All three judges gave Joe Warren the win with a 30-27 score.
    • Joe Warren (15-6) def. Steve Garcia (7-2) via Decision
  8. Emily Ducote (5-2) vs Jessica Middleton (2-1) (Women’s Flyweight Division)
    • Our second women’s match of the night, and the first one on the main card is Emily Ducote versus Jessica Middleton. The ground is where the majority of this match happened. This match went the full 15, but was a nail biter at the end. The decision by the judges was 29-27, 29-28, and 29-28 all in favour of Emily Ducote. After the match she gets interviewed and says that she loves Oklahoma, her home state. She was asked who she wants to call out, but she says that calling out isn’t her thing. She will fight whoever they give her.
    • Emily Ducote (6-2) def. Jessica Middleton (2-2) via Decision
  9. Kendall Grove (23-16) vs John Salter (13-3) (Middleweight Division)
    • The ninth match of the evening is Kendall Grove versus John Salter. Late in the first round of this fight John Salter got the win via submission. He won via rear naked choke to be exact. 4:37 in to round one.
    • John Salter (14-3) def. Kendall Grove (23-17) via Submission Round 1 (4:37)
  10. Brandon Girtz (14-6) vs Derek Campos (18-6) (Catchweight Division)
    • The tenth match of the evening, and the main event of the night, is Brandon Girtz versus Derek Campos. This is their third time meeting. Big John McCarthy is the referee for this match. The first round is a total slugfest. Both fighters are bloodied when they go to the break. Second round, just like the first was amazing. Mauro Ranallo was praising this match on commentary. In between the break of the second and third round, the ref ended the match due to health risk. Because of this match wave off, the winner by TKO is Derek Campos.
    • Derek Campos (19-6) def. Brandon Girtz (14-7) via TKO Round 2 (5:00)

That’s all the coverage for tonight! Hope you enjoyed.


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