WWE NXT 8/9/17 Results and Review

The show this week starts with the usual video package that we see for NXT. After that, we go to Full Sail where Mauro Ranallo, Percy Watson and Nigel McGuinness welcome us to this episode of NXT. They talk about how Drew McIntyre and Bobby Roode will face off tonight.

Opening Segment

We now cut to the ringside where Sanity enter through the crowd and get to the ring. Sanity are calling out the Authors Of Pain. AoP comes out and slowly walks down the ramp. One member charges and attacks three members of Sanity, while Eric Young comes from behind and jumps the other member. Rezar got tied to a guardrail while his partner got absolutely demolished in the ring. AoP lose this brawl.

As a opener to the show I thought this wasn’t that bad. AoP show dominance 2 weeks before TakeOver. The once heel Authors Of Pain also should be more cheered after this. Due to sympathy, I feel that Authors Of Pain will become babyfaces in this rivalry.

Metro Brothers vs Street Profits

Our first match on this episode is the Metro Brothers versus the Street Profits. The Street Profits have a spotlight on them in this match since a vignette played for them before this match. When they came out, the crowd gave them a very loud reaction. Chris Metro and Angelo Dawkins start off in this match. At the start, they lock up. Dawkins goes off the ropes and hits a hard Shoulder Tackle. He then hits an Arm Drag then a scoop slam. He tags in Montez Ford. They do a few double team moves. Ford hits Chris Metro with a Sideway Slam. Chris Metro does his first attack with a punch to the chest. He then tags in J.C. Metro. Metro mocks Dawkins, doing his hand gesture. Dawkins gets tagged in moments later and hits a Cyclone, Stinger Splash, then tags in Ford to do a Frogsplash. They go for the pin and win the match.

This match was great. This was a great way to showcase The Street Profits. The crowd being massively behind them also added to how well their performance looked. What I loved about the final combination of moves at the end was that they all happened so quickly. Matter fact, I had to rewind a little bit just so I could get all of the spots in this.

Drew McIntyre vs Bobby Roode Face Off

After a quick break we go to the ring where William Regal is governing a faceoff between Drew McIntyre and Bobby Roode. One at a time he introduces both wrestlers. Bobby has around 7 or so security guards with him for this faceoff. He says that Roderick Strong is running around trying to find him. The two guys trade promos for a little bit of time. They were good promos. All of the sudden, Roderick Strong’s music hits. Roderic comes to the ramp with a mic. Strong says that him coming out here isn’t about a title, it’s about disrespect. Strong challenges Roode to a fight. Roode gets very angry and says he will fight him. He says that he will fight him, even for the championship, but he has to fight McIntyre first. Roode says that Strong will face McIntyre next week, and if he wins he will fight him after TakeOver. After he says this, Regal shoots down the idea, saying that he is the one who makes matches. McIntyre insists on making the fight for next week. After the crowd chants “Make the match!”, and when all three fighters want the match, Regal makes it official. Next week, McIntyre versus Strong next week on NXT. That ends this segment.

Bobby Roode is such a great heel. It is so enjoyable to see him, alongside Drew McIntyre and Roderick Strong, talk in this segment. All three guys did a great job in this segment. Not much more to say about this, I just straight up enjoyed it.

Oney Lorcan vs Danny Burch

The rematch between Lorcan and Burch is the second match on this episode. This match starts with a collar and elbow tie up. It gets broken up in the corner. They do a few more lockups. A leapfrog got turned into a Flapjack by Burch, which was pretty cool. The two then start trading uppercuts. Lorcan absolutely ran Burch into the corner, went for a pin, then we went to commercials.

Back from the break, Lorcan is still in control. He takes Burch to the corner and did some chops to him. He then runs very fast into Burch in the corner. Lorcan tries for it again, but Burch counters the second time. Burch then hit a German Suplex and a Hooking Lariat. He goes for the pin and gets a two.

Moments later Burch tries for a slam but Lorcan escapes then hits a European Uppercut. Lorcan does another uppercut, hits another move then goes for a pin. He only gets a two count. Burch got back in control for a minute, but Lorcan caught him in a Single Leg Crab, while kicking him in the head. Burch tried to escape but Lorcan upgraded and put him in a Boston Crab. While in the move, Burch reverses it into a roll-up for the win.

I thought this match was fantastic. I can’t say that I necessarily loved that a roll-up was the finish for the match, but it is what it is. That is the only real critique I would have for this match. They deserved the sequel, and they lived up to the hype of their first time that they met.

No Way Jose vs Andrade Cien Almas

Our third match of the broadcast is No Way Jose versus Andrade Cien Almas. This match is also the main event of the episode. When the fight starts, one of the first moves is a side headlock. Jose Irish Whips him, making Almas fully roll out of the ring. When he gets back in, they lock up once again. Moments later, Jose hits a flapjack on Almas. Jose tries for a Firemans Carry but Almas escapes out of it. Almas gets thrown against the ropes but sticks to the ropes like what TJP does. While he sticks to the ropes, Almas kicks him, making him fall to outside the ring.

Almas gets back in the ring has a more aggressive approach. Moments later Almas wins the match with some sort of DDT move. This match felt pretty disappointing. It was boring, and ended very quickly and abruptly. They should have shown this match in the middle of the show, and shown Burch vs Lorcan as the main event. For the most part this was a good episode, but this was a bad way to end the show.


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