MayMac World Tour Wraps Up On Conor’s Birthday

The final press conference in the four event “MayMac World Tour” wrapped up today in London. The SSE Arena in Wembley played host to the press conference, which was also a birthday celebration for Conor McGregor. McGregor turned 29 today. He mentioned it during his mic time at the press conference, saying that only four years ago he was in London fighting for only 500 people.

Conor wrapped up his speech today by saying this: “But let’s get it straight, the bulls*** is over. In 6 weeks I’m gonna sleep this fool. And when I sleep him, I’m gonna bounce his head off the canvas aswell”. He then threw his mic up in the air.

During Mayweather’s time to talk he emphasized that he will not touch McGregor until the fight. He was very hostile in his speech, calling McGregor many things, including a fa***t. Now I don’t mean to bring my opinion in to this, but it was so uncalled for to use that word. It’s seems a little odd that he hasn’t been called out for this yet, he should be. Maybe some articles will come out about it later though, who knows.

Unlike the past three press conferences, this one was held inside a real boxing ring, with the stage being centred around the fans. After the two exchanged words, the press were open to ask them a few questions. The majority of the questions were asked to McGregor.

No more press between these two have been announced yet, but maybe more will come up once we get a little closer to the fight. The fight is on August 26, on Showtime PPV.


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