Black Label Pro: Jar of Flies Results and Review

Shane Sabre vs. Mark Wheeler vs. Space Monkey vs. Leva Bates


Here we go with our first match of the evening. Sabre, Wheeler and Space Monkey come out for a three way fight. The commentary team accidentally spoiled that the three way would become a four way, mentioning it before Leva Bates came out. Leva Bates entered the ring with no real story behind it other than she joined the match. Must I add, I’m a huge Space Monkey fan.


I saw a minute of the match, then my feed cut out. Feed came back to a commentator saying “Women can’t be trusted”, okay. Space Monkey hit a Springboard Tornado DDT, which was nice. Space Monkey does a banana spot, making Wheeler slip on a peel. After that, he hit a tailwhip for the win (whipping with a tail).


It’s a little hard to judge this because of they blew a fuse at the venue, but the end of the match felt somewhat anticlimactic. And no, I wouldn’t consider a tailwhip illegal, since it is part of Space Monkey’s anatomy.


The Carnies vs. A.J. Gray and Mance Warner


Before our next match, we get another short outage. The Carnies come out for their match. They have a carnival megaphone, which I bet was fun for the live crowd, but I barely heard anything. A.J. Gray and Mance Warner make their entrance. Mance picks up a kid and carries him around. The child did not look like he was happy. The wrestlers did comedy stuff for the first 5 minutes of the match. Mance Warner did eye pokes to everyone outside the ring (didn’t know that was legal).


Mance Warner and A.J. Gray won the match. It was a decent win, though I feel that there was a little too much comedy stuff.


Kobe Durst vs. Eric Ryan


Before our next match, the announcer reminds the crowd that it is a family friendly show, and that people need top watch their language. Anyways, our next match is a singles bout between Kobe Durst and Eric Ryan. Durst did a Suicide Dive early in the match. This match was very high octane. Kobe won with a Code Breaker. I actually really enjoyed this match. Though, the commentary was god awful. The play-by-play guy is okay, but the other commentator keeps trying comedy bits that go nowhere.


Josh Briggs vs. Jake Parnell


Briggs and Parnell is next. Briggs hit a Moonsault which was dodged, which is impressive because of how tall Briggs is. Briggs got a 2 count from a Jackhammer of some sort. Parnell went to the top rope for a move, but got caught by Briggs for a Chokeslam Backbreaker. Decent match, the one before was better. I still enjoyed it though.

Danny Adams & The Warlord vs. Kevin Ku and Percy Davis


We got a tag match next. Danny Adams and Warlord won. It was a pretty bad match. War Lord was very tired. This match was very boring


Matt Knicks vs. Pat Monix vs. Draztick Boy vs Gringo Loco


After the intermission we have our next match. It’s a four way elimination match. Draztick Boy did an impressive dive over a ringpost onto Loco and Monix. Draztick eliminated Knicks and Monix right after eachother. Gringo Loco won via roll-up. This match was decent. Draztick Boy carried the whole fight. He was absolutely great, I loved him. The finish of the match seemed sort of lame, a roll-up is never too fun.


Dasher Hatfield vs. C.W. Anderson


We have our final singles match before the main event. Dasher Hatfield, the true american character, faced C.W. Anderson. Dasher almost got put asleep by a kick, but saved himself by putting his leg on the rope. A nasty (in a good way) Spinebuster was what put Dash away.


Teddy Hart vs. Nick Gage


Before the main event, Mance Warner comes out, wanting to be added to the main event. It became official shortly after. Hart did a crazy suplex on the floor outside the ring. Hart did a Springboard Backflip (I think it’s called that), off the top rope onto the two performers. Gage and Hart did a double team Blockbuster Powerbomb through a table. Gage pins, to win the match.


I’m sorry, what? That was a double team spot, yet Gage won? That makes no sense. It was a cool spot, but that made absolutely no sense. This match was fine, but the finish was absolutely horrific.


In general, this show was horrendous.

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