LaVar, Lonzo and LaMelo Ball Make Their WWE TV Debut

This week on WWE’s live weekly TV show Monday Night RAW, some of the Big Baller Brand family made an appearance. Live from the Staples Center, this would be Lonzo Ball’s first appearance in the arena since becoming a LA Laker. The trio were guests on a segment called Miz TV, made by pro wrestler The Miz, and his fiancé Maryse. Here’s a full recap of what happened:

The Miz introduces LaVar and LaMelo Ball. LaVar sprints to the ring all energetic and crazy. LaVar gets a microphone and introduces Lonzo Ball. Lonzo comes to the ring and shakes everyone’s hands. Everyone sits down and Miz starts talking. Miz congratulates Lonzo on his draft. Lonzo says that he is happy to be in the Staples Center as a Laker for the first time. The crowd gives him a very good reaction. Miz starts touting a partnership between him and the Big Baller Brand, but LaVar cuts him off, saying that there is no partnership. LaVar says that Miz is “too low” for a partnership. Miz gets very offended and starts chewing out the Ball family. He asks both Lonzo and LaVar how many championships they have won. Lonzo says three and LaVar says two.

Moments later, things have escalated. LaVar says not to push him. The Miz replies with “Or What?”. LaVar says “you want that belt?”, which makes The Miz take his jacket off. LaVar responds by taking his own shirt off and flexing. Before anything happens, Dean Ambrose comes out to the ramp in a Big Baller Brand shirt. Dean talks about the match that he will be in after the break. That ends the segment.

Video highlight:

The Staples Center will be showcasing many more performances by Lonzo Ball when the NBA Season kicks off once again in the Fall.


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