Smackdown Live 6/6/17 Live Coverage

Welcome to another live coverage article! You know the drill. Follow the timestamps throughout the night to stay updated.

8:00PM: This episode of Smackdown Live starts with a recap of what happened on the last episode, with the five-way elimination match happening, to decide the #1 contender to face Naomi. Everyone brawled like crazy before the match started, so Shane McMahon came out and said they would all fight again in a Women’s Money In The Bank match at the next PPV instead.

8:02PM: We go to the live feed where Shane McMahon is heading to the ring. The ring has all five women that will be in the MiTB match, and a table. Shane quickly greets Rochester when he gets on the mic. He introduces us to the participants of the ladder match. Those participants are Tamina, Natalya, Carmella (with James Ellesworth), Becky Lynch, and Charlotte. Shane says that he has a reveal. He gets a drumroll as a briefcase is lowered to the ring. He reveals a shiny white Money In The Bank Briefcase. After Shane is done explaining the match, everyone in the match takes a turn cutting a promo. Naomi comes to the ring with her own entrance after all of this. She talks for a second, but gets interrupted by Lana’s entrance. Wearing a sparkling blue dress, Lana walks down to the ring where the rest of the division is standing.

Lana is told by Shane that now is not the time for Lana. Lana claims that whatever works for her will work for Shane. Naomi finds this very funny. Lana then says that she could beat Naomi. Shane intervenes once again and says that Lana has to deserve a title match. Lana storms out of the ring angry. Shane says that we have a 6 woman tag match next.

8:18PM: Charlotte, Becky Lynch and Naomi vs Natalya, Carmella and Tamina

Charlotte and Natalya start in the ring against each other. Charlotte puts Natalya into a headlock, but Natalya fights out and goes off the ropes. Natalya hits Charlotte with a shoulder tackle. Natalya goes off the ropes again but gets stopped by chops. Charlotte then tags Becky Lynch in. Becky kicks Nattie into the corner which makes her tag Carmella in. Becky goes for many roll-ups, none of them working. Becky gets thrown outside the ring. As the ref is distracted, Natalya clotheslines her. We go to a commercial break.

Back from the break it’s Natalya and Becky Lynch in the ring. Becky gets thrown in the heel team corner as Tamina gets tagged in. Tamina puts Becky in a submission move, that she eventually fights out of. Becky goes off the ropes but takes a rough shoulder tackle. Natalya gets tagged back in. Becky eventually gets the hot tag on Naomi. Naomi does her fury of kicks on Carmella. Tamia gets tagged in but she gets taken out with a kick too. Naomi goes for a pin after a crossbody that gets broken up by Carmella. While Naomi is fighting people off, Lana comes back from backstage. Naomi gets her legs swept on the apron by Lana. Naomi rolls back in the ring and takes a move from Tamina to end the match.

8:30PM: Natalya, Carmella, and Tamina def. Charlotte Becky Lyncha and Naomi



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