WWE RAW 6/5/17 Live Coverage

Welcome to another live coverage article! You know the drill. Follow the timestamps throughout the night to stay updated.

7:52PM: The article is live! Monday Night RAW is starting at the top of the hour. Stay tuned.

8:00PM: This episode of Monday Night RAW starts with a photo and audio recap of the main event of last nights’ PPV. The main event was Samoa Joe becoming the #1 contender for the Universal Championship, beating 4 other guys. After a quick recap, we get the usual RAW intro video and pyro. This week’s episode of RAW is live from Mohegan Sun Arena in Wilkes-Barre.

8:04PM: Bray Wyatt comes to the ring to talk. He says that last night was the “beginning of the end”. He had a chance to “slay the beast”, but failed. He says that he is still alive, and here. He calls all of the people in the match last night “guilty”. When Roman Reigns is named off, the crowd gives him a very loud boo. He says they must all be punished, and he will start with Roman Reigns tonight. He attempts to continue his promo, but Roman Reign’s music cuts him off. Our first match of the night is Bray Wyatt versus Roman Reigns.

8:09PM: Bray Wyatt vs Roman Reigns

Wyatt immediately tries for Sister Abgail in this match. Roman reverses out of it and sends Bray out of the ring. We go to a commercial break.

Back from the break we see Bray Wyatt in control of Roman. He lays in a few punches then goes for a pin. He gets a two count from the pin. He puts Roman in a headlock, which he fights out of eventually. Bray Wyatt goes off the ropes but Roman picks him up. Wyatt fights out of it then DDT’s Roman. He goes for another pin but Roman kicks out at two. Bray puts Roman into a chinlock, but Roman of course fights out. He punches Bray which sends him into the corner. Bray climbs to the second rope. Roman picks him up from the second turnbuckle and hits him with a Samoan Drop. Roman pins Bray and gets a two count. Moments later Bray gets up and sends Roman shoulder first into a post. This sends Roman to the outside. Bray does a Senton to Roman outside the ring. We go to break as Bray is resting alongside a hurt Roman.

Back from another commercial break, Bray has another headlock on Roman Reigns. He lets go of the headlock, then sends Roman into the ropes. When Bray charges towards Roman, Roman dodges and pushes him outside the ring. When Wyatt gets back in the ring, Roman does some kicks and punches. After a few more moves, he goes for another pin. Moments later Roman tries for a Superman Punch but Bray reverses it into a Uranagi (might have messed the spelling up on that). Bray then sets Roman up on the top rope. Roman fights out of whatever Bray was setting up for and does a Powerbomb instead. He unsuccessfully pins Bray once again. Roman calls for the Superman Punch. Braun reverses it the first time, but on second attempt Roman succeeds. Bray gets pinned and kicks out again. Roman goes to the corner of the ring again and sets up for a spear. When he tries to do so, Bray escapes to outside the ring. Reigns goes outside the ring too and hits Bray with a Drive By. Bray walks off the pain, then hits Roman with a nasty clothesline. Both guys get in the ring just barely in time. Both of them get back on their feet. Bray tries for a Sister Abgail but Roman reverses it into a roll-up. Bray escapes, but Roman follows up with a Superman Punch and Spear. He goes for the pin and finally succeeds.

8:32PM: Roman Reigns def. Bray Wyatt

8:38PM: Enzo Amore and Big Cass are backstage getting interviewed. Enzo is asked how he is affected by his anonymous attacks, especially since he has a match tonight. He asks anyone if they has a scoop. Big Cass says he is offended that anyone thinks that he was the one who attacked Enzo.

8:41PM: They mention that Bayley is at home recuperating from the match last night, and won’t be at the show tonight. We now see Alexa Bliss backstage talking to Kurt Angle. Bliss is immediately offended that Kurt didn’t congratulate her on her victory last night. Alexa Bliss says that she wants to do a “Alexa Bliss, this is my life” segment tonight. Kurt says he thinks it is a terrible idea, saying that last week’s segment was one of the worst in history. Kurt says that he has an idea for her, that she will face Nia Jax for the championship tonight. This is because Alexa promised Nia a title match a few weeks ago. Anyways, that’s the segment.

8:48PM: Elias Samson is in the ring to sing a song. He makes fun of Wilkes-Barre in the song. As the song is nearing it’s end, Dean Ambrose’s music cuts it off. Elias is visibly annoyed because of the interruption. Dean attacks Elias, throwing him outside the ring. He throws Elias over the barricade, then gets back in the ring and grabs a mic. Dean Ambrose calls out the Miz, demanding a rematch. We now see a feed of The Miz backstage saying that he will be celebrating his new championship reign tonight instead. Dean is still looking at the screen when he gets jumped from behind by Elias Samson. Samson gets the last laugh in this situation.

8:56PM: Dean Ambrose sees Kurt Angle backstage. Kurt tells Dean to calm down. Kurt says that the rematch will happen eventually, but not tonight. He tells Dean to take a night off. Dean is not happy that he is told to leave the building. When the segment ends, Kurt looks worried, almost like he knows that Dean won’t listen to his orders.

8:58PM: Samoa Joe is in the ring with a mic. He says that he wants everything that Brock has, and he will take it from him. He claims that he will take the Universal Championship from Brock Lesnar. Paul Heyman, the representative of Brock Lesnar, comes out and confronts Joe. Paul says that if Brock faces Samoa Joe, Brock will definitely get a piece taken out of him by Joe. Heyman tries to walk away after saying that if he wants Brock, he gets him. Samoa Joe holds onto Heyman and talks to him in a corner of a ring. He then puts him in a Cohena Clutch to send a message to Brock.

9:15PM: Backstage, Kurt Angle is very angry at Samoa Joe. Joe says that he destroys anyone who is in his way. He then asks Kurt if he is in his way. Seth Rollins walks into the scene to defend Kurt Angle. Seth says that he wants to fight Joe, so Kurt sets the match up. That match will happen later tonight, I’m guessing maybe the main event.

9:17PM: Heath Slater and Rhyno vs Cesaro and Sheamus

Hot off their recent RAW Tag Team Title victory, Cesaro and Sheamus are scheduled for a match tonight against Heath Slater and Rhyno. Heath starts against Sheamus. Cesaro runs a diversion by running at Heath while Sheamus strikes the first move of the match. Sheamus puts Heath in a headlock that he quickly fights out of. Heath goes off the ropes then gets knocked down. Cesaro gets tagging in and does a move of the top rope onto Heath. Cesaro goes for a pin but only gets a 2. Sheamus gets tagged back in. Heath tries to tag Rhyno but Cesaro pushes him off the apron. Heath turns around and eats a Brouge Kick to end the match.

9:22PM: Cesaro and Sheamus def. Heath Slater and Rhyno

9:22PM: After the match, Sheamus and Cesaro say that they just showed how an intelligent team wins. They then talk about The Hardy Boyz. They say that Matt and Jeff are the two people who are not happy that they returned to WWE. They end their promo with the slogan “We don’t just set the bar, we are the bar!”.

9:24PM: Backstage we see TJ Perking talking to Neville. He congratulates Neville on his win at Extreme Rules, then asks for his Championship match that Neville promised. Neville says TJ is right, and that if TJ handles business tonight, he will speak to Kurt Angle.

9:28PM: Mustafa Ali vs TJP

The business that Neville was talking about, was his match against Mustafa Ali tonight. Early on in the match Mustafa Ali hits TJP with a Crossbody. After a few more moves, Ali fights out of a headlock that TJP had him in. Ali goes off the second rope and does a Tornado DDT. He goes to the top rope to hit the Inverted 450, but TJP kicked the rope to stop him, then hit him with the Detonation Kick to end the match.

9:32PM: TJP def. Mustafa Ali

9:32PM: After the match, Neville walks out to the stage where TJP is celebrating. Neville has a mic, and says that he spoke to Kurt Angle, and he has bad news. TJP, who is angry says that they will both go back there and talk to Angle right now. Neville shows anger, and attacks TJP. Neville wins the brawl then says that TJP will get his shot on 205 Live.

NOTE: I will review 205 Live on WrestlingHeads.com tomorrow.

9:38PM: We see another vignette about Golddust. He says that R-Truth can’t “sit in his directors chair”.

9:40PM: Backstage we see Mickie James, Dana Brooke, and Sasha Banks talking. Alexa Bliss walks into the scene. Sasha Banks looks disgusted, and leaves the locker room. Alexa talks to the two women who are still in the room, Brooke and James. Bliss tries to argue that Nia was cutting in front of everyone getting this title match. They say that they don’t have a Nia Jax problem, she does.

9:42PM: While the trio of commentators are talking, Kurt Angle walks out and snags Corey Graves from the scene. They talk for a minute, then Graves returns to the desk. When questioned by Cole about what he talked to Kurt about, he ignores the question and instead talks about the match that is about to happen.

9:47PM: Backstage we see Kurt Angle being questioned about what he said with Corey. He refuses to give any information. As we see Angle go through a door, we see Dean Ambrose walk back into the arena.

9:48PM: Kalisto vs Titus O’Neil 

After just minutes of competition between these two, Kalisto rolls up Titus using the trunks to win the match.

9:51PM: Kalisto def. Titus O’Neil

9:51PM: Backstage we see The Miz and Maryse walking to the ring, but the camera pans over to another part of the backstage area where Big cass is laid out on the ground. Enzo and a ref help him out. As Cass gets up, he gives Enzo a golden chain.

9:56PM: Backstage we see Big Cass still being helped. Enzo says that they have a match tonight. The ref asks him to find a new partner for the match.

9:57PM: Maryse introduces The Miz for his Championship celebration. The Miz is celebrating in a ring that includes balloons with his name spelt out, a table, and a bear holding a sign that says “CONGRADULATIONS!”. The Miz proposes a toast to everyone at the event and at home. Miz says he really appreciates the bear. Maryse says she did not order the bear. Miz attacks the bear then Skull Crushing Finale’s it. He then unmasks the bear, who he claims is Dean Ambrose. It is not Dean Ambrose, so he throws the guy out of the ring.

Up next, a big box is wheeled down to the ring. Miz is pretty sure that this box has Dean Ambrose in it. Miz takes a chair and attacks the box. Maryse tells him to stop while he is attacking, because it was actually a grandfather clock that she had gifted him. Maryse gets very angry and storms off because The Miz ruined her gift. The Miz also gets very angry and blames this whole situation on Dean Ambrose. He calls out Ambrose, who ends up being the cameraman who is in the ring. Miz turns around and takes a Dirty Deeds from Ambrose. Pretty rough celebration for Miz.

10:13PM: Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson vs Enzo Amore and Mystery Partner

It is time to find out who Enzo’s mystery partner is. It is the Big Show. When his music hits, Gallows and Anderson look concerned. When Big Show gets to the ring, Enzo starts joking around with Big Show, but he isn’t having any of it. All of the sudden though, Big Show “loosens up”, and does the SAWFT chant.

Karl Anderson starts against Enzo Amore in this match. Big Show gets tagged in pretty quickly and takes on both the guys. He shoulder tackles Anderson then Chokeslams him. He then tags Enzo in to do the Bada Boom Shaka Laka, except Big Show kind of throws Enzo onto a standing Anderson instead. They win the match.

10:20PM: Enzo Amore and Big Show def. Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson

10:25PM: Backstage we see Enzo and Big Show joking around after the match. Cass walks into the frame. He accuses Big Show of attacking him. Enzo and Show brush off that rumour.

10:28PM: We see a R-Truth promo that was similar to the Golddust one we saw earlier in the night.

10:28PM: Alexa Bliss is interviewed backstage. She claims that the division needs to give her more respect.

10:29PM: Nia Jax vs Alexa Bliss (RAW Women’s Championship Match)

As announced earlier, Alexa Bliss is facing Nia Jax for the RAW Women’s Championship. As this match starts, we see Mickie James and Dana Brooke come down the ramp to watch this match from ringside. In the opening moments of the match Alexa gets tackled by Nia, which makes her bail outside of the ring. She sees Mickie James and Dana Brooke at ringside. They attack her, which makes her win the match via DQ. After the match Nia attacks Mickie and Dana due to pure rage.

10:39PM: Alexa Bliss def. Nia Jax (via DQ) to retain her RAW Women’s Championship

10:39PM: In the trainers room we see Paul Heyman getting examined. He gets a phonecall, which interrupts his checkup. He is talking to Brock on the phone. He says that he wants to unleash the beast next week on RAW.

10:44PM: TJP versus Neville for the Cruiserweight Championship gets officially announced for 205 Live tomorrow.

10:45PM: Brock Lesnar is announced to return to RAW next week.

10:46PM: Samoa Joe vs Seth Rollins

The opening moments of this match have Samoa Joe throwing Seth Rollins outside of the ring, with Seth running back in immediately. When he gets back in the ring he throws Joe out of the ring. He tries for a Suicide Dive but Joe reverses it with a punch. He then drives Seth into the barricade ringside. Both of the wrestlers go back in the ring after that. They get back in the ring and go to commercial break with Joe in control.

Back from the break, Joe is still in control. He puts Seth in a headlock that he slowly fights out of. Joe hits him with a running Senton then gets a two count. Seth starts to make a comeback by hitting a combo of moves. Rollins hits his Blockbuster move then does a second Suicide Dive.

Later on Seth goes to the top rope but Bray’s sound hits and that distracts Seth. When we come back to the ring Samoa Joe puts Seth in a Cohena Clutch to end the match.

11:04PM: Samoa Joe def. Seth Rollins

That ends the coverage! Hope you enjoyed, and of course expect more content tomorrow.




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