Virtus Pro Get Sent Home On The First Day Of ESL ONE New York

Team Liquid defeating Virtus Pro 2-1 in a best of three series was the final nail in the coffin for Virtus Pro. After both teams getting a game, we went to Mirage where Liquid defeated them 16-5. Liquid got most of their rounds off the CT side, and finished it off after the halftime.

Team Liquid won the first game on Inferno with the score being 16-10, and lost the second one 16-6 on Nuke. Team Liquid player JDM reflected on the match shortly after, on twitter:


Earlier in the day, Virtus Pro faced Faze Clan in their first group stage game. They lost 16-5 on Cache. The 5 rounds that they won in that game were all on the CT side.

“This seems like a new era for Team Liquid, but the downside is, it seems like the end of Virtus Pro.”, Duncan “Thorin” Shields said during the analyst coverage after the match. He also described the Virtus Pro stats as “poor”.

“They weren’t competitive at all. They weren’t contesting for frags,” said Chad “SPUNJ” Burchill. Team Liquid also had their New York run at stake during this match, after losing to Astralis earlier in a close 16-13 battle on Mirage.

Astralis faces Liquid later tonight, with the winner going in to the four team bracket that plays at the Barclays Center tomorrow and Sunday.