Pancrase 311 Full Report

Quick Results (Click to Skip to Bout):


  1. Satoshi Date def. Kenji Yamanaka via Split Decision
  2. Daiki Nishimura def. Kento Mizutani via Unanimous Decision
  3. Kazuki Itaya def. Nobuhisa Kudo via Unanimous Decision
  4. Yuki Takahashi def. Kaneaki Watanabe via Triangle Choke (RD 1, 1:40)
  5. Sho Sekihara def. Shigeki Iijima via TKO, Punches (RD 1, 2:17)
  6. Karen DATE def. Diana via Unanimous Decision

Main Card:

  1. Naoki Arikawa def. Ryosuke Kano via Split Decision
  2. Taiyo Hayashi def. Shinmare Komori via Unanimous Decision
  3. Teppei Maeyama def. Takafuma Ato via TKO, Punches (RD 1, 2:29)
  4. Ryuichi Miki def. Masatatsu Ueda via Split Decision
  5. Mariya Suzuki def. Nori DATE via Split Decision
  6. Victor Hugo def. Shinsuke Kamei via Unanimous Decision
  7. Luthando Biko def. Taiki Akiba via Unanimous Decision
  8. Saimon Oliveira def. Wataru Mimura via Submission, Guillotine Choke (RD 1, 1:14)
  9. Emi Fujino def. Hyun Ji Jang via Submission, Rear Naked Choke (RD 3, 3:20) (Interim Pancrase Strawweight Championship)

Bout 1: Tiger DATE (7-11-7) vs. Kenji Yamanaka (7-7-1) (Flyweight) (3×3)

The first bout of the evening was Tiger DATE facing Kenji Yamanaka. The DATE team was represented quite well on this card. Yamanaka landed a trip takedown off of a body lock in the first minute of the fight. DATE got back up, putting Yamanaka against the fence still in the body lock. He landed knees to the back of Yamanaka’s legs while in the clinch. Yamanaka landed some punches as he started to push DATE against the cage. They returned to stand-up striking for a moment before the round ended.

Yamanaka put on another body lock at the start of the second round. DATE took the back of Yamanaka halfway through the round. He tried for a rear naked choke until the round concluded.

The final round started with a good striking battle. Yamanaka landed a jab halfway through the round that dropped DATE. They went to the ground after that. Yamanaka threw DATE to the ground in the final seconds of the fight as they got back up. The fight went the distance with the win going to Tiger DATE via split decision. He was wearing a tiger mask and cape after the fight.

Bout 2: Daiki Nishimura (1-1) vs. Kento Mizutani (2-3) (Flyweight) (3×3)

In another flyweight fight, Daiki Nishimura fought Kento Mizutani. Nishimura’s last fight was a win at Pancrase 307 over Yuma Nakajima. Mizutani attempted a takedown in the first minute of the fight. He eventually secured the takedown, although Nishimura was able to flip over into top position. He landed strikes from above. This continued until the round concluded.

The second round had more striking at the start than the first one. Nishimura got a takedown with a minute left in the round. Mizutani got up and tried for a takedown of his own, but Nishimura fought it off until time ran out.

Mizutani got a double leg takedown after a minute of inactive stand-up from both fighters in the third round. They got back up with 30 seconds left in the round. Nishimura had the better striking in the final moments. Mizutani shot for another takedown as the fight ended, but didn’t finish the takedown. Consulting the scorecards, it was Daiki Nishimura that walked away with the unanimous decision win.

Bout 3: Kazuki Itaya (6-10) vs. Nobuhisa Kudo (9-8) (Bantamweight) (3×3)

In the next preliminary bout, two bantamweights in their 40’s in Kazuki Itaya and Nobuhisa Kudo fought. Kudo kept on the outside of the cage for most of the first round. Itaya didn’t throw many punches though. Kudo got a takedown, then landed another in the last minute after Itaya got back up. They went to the ground again in the closing moments of the round. Kudo tried for an armbar, but ran out of time while trying to finish it.

Kudo got a single leg takedown as the second round started. Kudo landed on his back, with Itaya getting up and throwing kicks to the legs. The referee stood them back up, where Itaya went back to being the better striker. Kudo fell on his back, and Itaya went into top position on the ground. When they returned to stand-up, Itaya stuffed a takedown from Kudo.

Kudo tried for a single leg takedown at the start of the third round but had no luck. He failed again moments later. Itaya was aware that all Kudo wanted to do was bring the fight to the ground, and did everything possible to avoid that. Kudo chased a takedown until the round ended. Kazuki Itaya walked away with the win via unanimous decision.

Bout 4: Yuki Takahashi (7-2) vs. Kaneaki Watanabe (6-8)(Featherweight) (3×3)

In the next preliminary fight, featherweight with an impressive record Yuki Takahashi faced Kaneaki Watanabe. Takahashi landed a triangle choke to Watanabe who was on his knees in the first minute of the fight. He kept with the choke until Watanabe went out cold in what was a disturbing way. Nonetheless, an impressive return for Yuki Takahashi, who hadn’t fought for three years prior.

Bout 5: Shigeki Iijima (3-5) vs. Sho Sekihara (2-0) (Bantamweight) (3×3)

In the next fight, undefeated bantamweight Sho Sekihara faced Shigeki Iijima. Both guys were landing hard fists early on. Sekihara was landing the better combinations. Iijima engaged in a clinch, and was put against the cage by Sekihara. With a minute left in the fight, Iijima got clipped with a right hook. Sekihara kept coming forward with punches to a retreating opponent. He kept going with punches until the referee stepped in. Sho Sekihara finished his first year as a professional MMA fighter with three straight wins.

Bout 6: Karen DATE (0-0) vs. DIANA (0-0) (Strawweight) (3×3)

The final preliminary bout saw two debuting pros in Karen DATE and Diana face-off. Diana was throwing lots of leg kicks early on. As people from Team DATE tend to do, DATE was throwing side kicks. When Diana would catch a kick, DATE would throw and connect with many punches. They were in a clinch against the cage in the final minute of the first round, where DATE continued to go to work.

DATE showed some good counter-punching at the start of the second round. They were in a clinch against the cage for a while which was eventually broken up by the referee. DATE got some more good shots in then got a trip takedown in the final minute.

DATE had Diana up against the cage in a clinch for most of the final round. It could be imagined that both fighters were very fatigued at this point. The fight went all three rounds, with Karen DATE getting the win via decision.

Bout 7: Ryosuke Kano (7-6) vs. Naoki Arikawa (4-1-1) (Flyweight) (3×3)

Before the main card, a promo was played for Pancrase 312. The commercial included mention of Yoshinori Horie, who will be on the next card, returning from the UFC.

In the first main card fight of the evening, Ryosuke Kano and Naoki Arikawa fought in a flyweight bout. This was Arikawa’s third appearance in Pancrase this year, both previous outings were wins. Arikawa was on the outside of the decagon at the start of the fight. The first round had a good striking battle. Kano got a takedown in the final minute, although Arikawa got up immediately. Kano secured another one in the final 10 seconds of the fight.

Kano went for a single leg takedown in the second round. Arikawa tried to defend the takedown by trying for a guillotine. They stood back up and returned to striking. Kano started to bleed from the nose. Arikawa got a trip takedown, but like all of the other previous takedowns, they got back up. At the end of the round Kano was walking very flat-footed while Arikawa was still bouncing on the balls of his feet.

Kano shot for a takedown in the first minute of the third round, but this time Arikawa fully stopped it. They went into a body lock against the cage. They returned to normal striking halfway through the round. Kano was landing the better punches in this round. Arikawa shot for a takedown this time, getting it but getting his back taken right after. They finished the fight on the feet. After nine minutes of competition, we had a split decision. Winning on two of the three scorecards was Naoki Arikawa.

Bout 8: Mayo Komori (9-2) vs. Taiyo Hayashi (7-7) (Featherweight) (3×3)

The next featherweight fight was between Mayo Komori and Taiyo Hayashi. With an even record, Hayashi came into this fight after losing his last two appearances in Pancrase. Komori wore a Christmas hat and party sunglasses during his walkout. Shintaro Ishiwatari, who will fight on RIZIN 20, was in Hayashi’s corner for this fight. Hayashi scored a takedown early on from a body lock. Komori worked his way up to his feet, still being pinned up against the fence. They stayed against the fence until the referee separated them. Komori landed a great head kick in the final minute of the first round. Komori put Hayashi up against the cage then hopped on his back. He landed hammerfists from the position until the round ended.

Komori took Hayashi’s back again at the start of the second round. Hayashi worked on the ground until he was in top position. They stood back up and traded wild punches. Hayashi put Komori against the cage and threw more punches. He threw knees and punches to a cornered Komori. This moment in the round was the most dominant part for either fighter.

Komori opened the final round with a takedown. They got back up a minute later. Hayashi clinched up with Komori up against the cage. They had a good back and forth battle up against the cage, ending with Hayashi landing a hip toss in the final 10 seconds of the fight. When going to decision, Taiyo Hayashi got a unanimous decision victory.

Bout 9: Takafumi Ato (9-9) vs. Teppei Maeyama (4-7) (#10) (Strawweight) (3×3)

The next fight was a strawweight clash between two fighters who have both fought many times in Pancrase before. Maeyama was the first ranked fighter on the card, coming in at #10. Ato was the faster worker early on. Maeyama avoided a spinning backfist and shot for a double leg takedown. When they got back up, Ato had good strikes. Ato hurt Maeyama with a left hook, dropping him with a right straight. Maeyama attempted to recover with wrestling, throwing Ato around the decagon. Maeyama took Ato’s back on the ground. They got back up and returned to stand-up with a minute left in the round. Maeyama caught a leg kick, throwing a counter right hook which floored Ato and ended the fight. Showing exactly how to recover and make a comeback, Teppei Maeyama snapped a two-fight winning streak with a first round stoppage. He showed lots of remorse after the stoppage, staying on the ground with Ato for a minute or so.

Bout 10: Ryuichi Miki (20-12-4) (#9) vs. Masatatsu Ueda (16-4-2) (#3) (Flyweight (3×5)

Before the next fight, 2019 IMMAF bantamweight silver medalist Reo Yamaguchi announced that he will try for a gold medal next year at the IMMAFs. Moving to five-minute rounds for the rest of the night (apart from one more fight), the next bout was between experienced flyweights Ryuichi Miki and Masatatsu Ueda. Ueda had a clear height advantage over Miki. Both fighters traded leg kicks early on. Miki put Ueda up against the cage. Ueda tried for a trip takedown but Miki got up immediately. They went back to striking for the final minute. The first round was a real feeling out process between the two.

Miki shot for a takedown early in the second round but couldn’t get it. Ueda was throwing a head kick which didn’t connect but looked powerful. Miki caught a low kick for a takedown in the third minute, but Uedaz was able to flip it over into his own takedown. Miki took top position despite being taken down. They traded short distance strikes on the ground. Miki landed some more substantial strikes as the round ended.

Miki landed a good knee to the body during an exchange in the first minute of the third round. With a minute left in the round, Miki chased a takedown, but Ueda stopped it and put him against the cage in a clinch. They went back to striking in the final moments. Miki scored a spinning backfist before the fight ended. Quite a slow-paced fight from the start to the end. When going to a decision, it was a split decision that went in favour of Ryuchi Miki.

Bout 11: Nori DATE (3-3) vs. Mariya Suzuki (1-3) (Flyweight) (3×3)

In the next fight, new-ish MMA fighter Mariya Suzuki fought Nori DATE. DATE has been on a layoff since 2017, having last fought before Suzuki debuted in MMA. This fight was the Pancrase debut for DATE. She was supposed to fight on Pancrase 308 against Hyun Ji Jang, but that plan went out the window when she missed weight. DATE assumed the outside of the cage as where she would fight from right as the fight started. Suzuki clinched up against the cage. When they approached the blue corner, the tape for the blue corner came off of a wall and became attached to DATE’s left foot. As the round was closing, DATE scored a takedown and took the back of Suzuki.

Just like in the first round, DATE started the round up against the cage. DATE charged at Suzuki a minute into the round, putting her up against the cage. When they returned to striking, Suzuki struck DATE with a good counter right hook. DATE landed a good spinning backfist. Suzuki put DATE against the cage again with a minute left in the round. She secured a takedown with 30 seconds left.

They went into a clinch in the opening seconds of the final round. Suzuki eventually got a trip takedown. From the bottom position, DATE tried for some sort of leg move, but it did not hurt Suzuki. In yet another split decision on this card, Mariya Suzuki got the victory.

Bout 12: Victor Hugo (19-4) vs. Shinsuke Kamei (3-1) (#13) (Featherweight) (3×5)

In the next fight, the much more experienced Victor Hugo faced Shinsuke Kamei. Hugo was aggressive from the start, charging at Kamei and trying for a clinch. Hugo got a takedown after a minute of battling against the fence. Hugo was dominant throughout, eventually starting to pour strikes on.

At the start of the second round, Hugo landed a counter right hook which floored Kamei hard. Kamei recovered but was taken to the ground because of the shot. Kamei got up halfway through the round, but Hugo stayed on his back. They returned to striking with two-minutes left in the round. Kamei came forward with a lot of punches in the final minute of the round, but Hugo’s use of space and movement allowed him to avoid most of the strikes. Hugo got another takedown as the second round ended.

Both fighters had good punches at the start of the third round. Hugo stopped the back-and-forth momentum by scoring a takedown. Not much happened on the ground until Hugo got up and took the back of Kamei in the final minute. He tried for a rear-naked choke but let go once Kamei flipped onto his back. The fight went all three rounds, with all three judges giving Victor Hugo the nod. In a dominant performance, Hugo earned the 20th professional win of his career.

Bout 13: Luthando Biko (6-2) vs. Taiki Akiba (10-8-1) (#4) (Flyweight) (3×5)

Successful EFC fighter Luthando Biko made his Pancrase debut in his next fight, facing longtime Pancrase fighter Taiki Akiba. Akiba shot for a double leg takedown in the first minute, but Biko out-muscled him, keeping it on the feet. Biko tried for a takedown for numerous minutes as well, and Akiba was able to fend it off. While Biko fought for a takedown and never got it, he was on the offence for most of the round.

Biko finally got a takedown at the start of the second round, catching Akiba off guard after he threw punches. When Akiba got up, Biko kept a body lock on him. Akiba landed a good trip takedown, although Biko got right up because of momentum. Biko threw Akiba down with two minutes left in the round. He eventually got on his back and tried for a rear-naked choke. Akiba rotated around and took top position.

Biko was throwing Akiba around in the third round. Akiba would get up, get thrown back down, then the cycle would repeat. From start to finish in the third round, Biko was the better fighter. Winning via unanimous decision, Luthando Biko put on a strong performance for his Pancrase debut.

Bout 14: Saimon Oliveira (16-3) vs. Wataru Mimura (10-2-2) (Catchweight 148 lbs) (3×5)

In the co-main event of the card, Wataru Mimura stepped in on short notice to face Saimon Oliveira in a catchweight bout of 148 lbs. Mimura was charging at Oliveria early, shooting for a double leg takedown. Oliveira tried for a guillotine choke from the clinch. While holding Mimura’s head, Oliveria threw knees to the body. He tried again for the guillotine, dropping to the ground with the choke on deep. Mimura went out cold, ending the fight. With a scary choke victory, one-time ACB fighter Saimon Oliveira made a good Pancrase debut.

Bout 15: Hyun Ji Jang (3-2) vs. Emi Fujino (24-11) (#1) (Interim Pancrase Strawweight Championship) (5×5)


In the main event of the show, JMMA veteran Emi Fujino fought Hyun Ji Jang for the Interim Pancrase Strawweight Championship. When Fujino did her walkout, she had fellow women’s fighters cheering her on. Among them was Mei Yamaguchi, Mina Kurobe and RIZIN Super Atomweight Champion Ayaka Hamasaki. Also, included in her corner for this fight was Shizuka Sugiyama. The first round purely a close stand-up battle.

Fujino had her first good combination of punches in the second minute of the second round. Fujino then clinched up with Jang against the cage. In the clinch, Fujino landed good knees to the head. She tried for a guillotine choke to Jang, who was stuck up against the cage. She ran out of time in the round while trying the choke still.

Jang went into a clinch after Fujino threw strikes in the first minute of the final round. Fujino went back to throwing knees from the clinch. While Jang was reaching for a knee, Fujino took the back of Jang. She put in a rear-naked choke that got under the chin of Jang. After being in the position for quite a while, Jang tapped out. In an emotional moment, Emi Fujino won the Interim Pancrase Strawweight Championship. After her interview, all of her supporters got in the decagon to pose with her and congratulate her. As mentioned by the commentary, lots of DEEP Jewels alumni were in the cage.

Pancrase will have it’s first 2020 show on February 16th, with former UFC fighter Yoshinori Horie facing Yojiro Uchimura.

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