John Riel Casimero Wins WBO World Bantamweight Title With Third Round Win Over Zolani Tete

John Riel Casimero was promoted from a interim WBO World Bantamweight Champion to the real deal on Saturday after an explosive victory over Zolani Tete at the Arena Birmingham in Birmingham, United Kingdom.

The first two rounds of the fight were slow, with Tete dominating with a jab in a slow-starting contest.

Casimero scored a knockdown early in the third round, dropping Tete with a right hand. While the referee opted to continue the contest, it was clear for the next minute that Tete was still hurt. A left hook put Tete down on his face for a second knockdown seconds later. The referee stepped in shortly after Casimero landed a few more punches.

Casimero improved his record to 29-4, while Zolani Tete fell to 28-4. He previously fought in two interim WBO fights before, defeating both opponents via stoppage.

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