Dana White Claims BJ Penn “Won’t Fight (In The UFC) Again”

A week after video was released of BJ Penn getting in two physical altercations in public, UFC President Dana White claimed: “He won’t fight again.”

Two videos were released in July of Penn recently fighting in bars/clubs, with one of the clips clearly showing the MMA fighter getting knocked out by punches.

“BJ needs to focus on his personal life and get himself together,” said Dana White, when asked about the situation in an ESPN interview on Thursday.

Penn has been involved in other controversies this year as an ex-partner of his filed a restraining order, also accusing him of physical and sexual abuse.

The 40-year-old fighter holds a 16-14-2 record in MMA, making his professional debut at UFC 31 in 2001. He is currently on a seven-fight losing streak, recently losing to Clay Guida at UFC 237 in May.

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