KCON NY 2019 Day 2 Preview

PHOTO: KCON NY Day 1 at Madison Square Garden. Credit: Andrew from Truly Daebak Podcast.

After KCON took centre stage at Madison Square Garden on Saturday night, the convention returns for it’s second night. The evening will see six groups perform to conclude 2019’s KCON.

Last night we saw NU’EST, TXT, ATEEZ, IZ*ONE and The Boyz perform. There was songs, missions and surprises throughout the evening. Tonight SF9, (G)I-DLE, AB6IX, VERIVERY, SEVENTEEN and fromis_9 will perform.

It’s been an eventful weekend for AB6IX, who was performing in Hong Kong yesterday. Yes, yesterday. They took an airplane to New York and touched down in time to appear at the convention this afternoon. The rookie group debuted earlier in 2019 with the mini-album B Complete. The album featured title track “Breathe” which currently sits at 7 million Youtube views. The group has been one of the numerous successful boy groups that have debuted in 2019.

The night before showcased many rookies and newly former rookie groups. Tonight seems to be different, with older groups in SEVENTEEN and SF9 performing. SEVENTEEN have been around since 2015, making their discography one of the deepest on the lineup. Earlier this year they put out the single “Home” which has 32 million views on Youtube. SEVENTEEN performed at KCON NY in 2016 and have done KCONs in other areas as well since.

SF9 will be making their second KCON NY appearance on Sunday. Since the last time the group touched down in New York, the group has seen many comebacks. Their most recent one featured the title track “RPM.” A year ago they put out the song “MAMMA MIA” which neared 10 million views on Youtube.

Fromis_9 is the only group who will be playing their second consecutive KCON NY. Last year they performed songs like “To Heart” and “DKDK,” but this year come back with many new hits like “Love Bomb” and “FUN!” The recent mini-album from the group titled Fun Factory has seen consistent sales late after it’s release, being the best project from the group so far.

VERIVERY is definitely the smallest group that is making an appearance at this year’s KCON. Still in their rookie year, the seven-member group has put out two singles out of their two mini-albums. “Ring Ring Ring” and “딱 잘라서 말해 (From Now)” are the titles of those songs. “Super Special” is another song which was put out in 2018 and has a music video for it.

The sudden departure of EVERGLOW left the Saturday concert with a bigger boy group versus girl group disparity than before. The ratio for this concert is still 2-to-1 for boy groups, but it’s an improvement from the night before. (G)I-DLE will be the second and final girl group of the evening on Sunday. The group sprung on the scene in 2018 with “LATATA” and “HANN (Alone).” The former “monster rookies’ continued their success into 2019 with the songs “Senorita” and “Uh-Oh,” their latest single which came out a week ago.

Similar to the night before, KCON will be livestreamed on their website. For countries who may have the event geo-locked in their area, the performances will eventually air on tape delay through the TV series M! Countdown.

After tonight, KCON New York 2019 will have concluded. The next convention will be KCON LA, which takes place on a whopping four-day stretch, from August 15th to 18th at the Staples Center and the Los Angeles Convention Center. The already confirmed acts for the event are Stray Kids, MAMAMOO, MOMOLAND, ONEUS, ATEEZ, Chungha, NU’EST, AB6IX, EVERGLOW, VERIVERY and IZ*ONE.

7/7/19 9:15 PM EST Correction: Error in venue name.

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