Tenshin Nasukawa Becomes ISKA Featherweight Champion at RIZIN 16

Tenshin Nasukawa extended his kickboxing record to 31-0 on Sunday and got some gold around his waist. From World Memorial Hall in Kobe, Japan, it only took two rounds for Nasukawa to defeat Martin Blanco, gaining the ISKA Featherweight Championship.

The first round of the fight wasn’t that busy, with both fighters landing some shots but none really worth noting. In the second round, Nasukawa found success with landing knees to the body, which is what caused all three knockdowns in the round. The third time it connected was when the referee made the decision to end the contest.

Tenshin Nasukawa’s original opponent was Ahmed Ferradji, who was pulled from the event a few weeks ago. He put out a statement on Instagram recently stating that he “refused to do the fight because they had not respected the initial conditions that we (ISKA) had agreed upon.” He was the ISKA Featherweight Champion, with the Championship being stripped from him for this bout.

Tenshin Nasukawa is expected to fight on the 21st of July at the Rise World Series 2019 Semi-Finals, facing Suakim PK Saenchaimuaythaigym. He advanced to the second round of the tournament back in March, defeating Federico Roma in the third round with a cartwheel kick.

Full coverage of RIZIN 16 can be found here

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