Pancrase 304 Results

Live from Shinbika Studio Coast, commentated by Stewart Fulton and Guy Delumaeu, let’s look at how Pancrase 304 went down.

Preliminary Card:

Bout 1: Tatsuki Ozaki vs. Ryuji Abe (2019 Neo Blood Tournament First Round Strawweight) (3×3)

The first bout of the evening was Tatsuki Ozaki versus Ryuji Abe in the first round of the Neo Blood strawweight Tournament. Abe landed a takedown after a minute of standup. Ozaki landed some elbows to the head while being pinned up against the cage. Ozaki tried for a guillotine but it did not work. Ozaki rolled out of the clinch and then took top mount, which Abe escaped in the final seconds, rolling out and trying for a flying knee. In the first minute of the second round Ozaki had some good striking. Abe landed another takedown and took Ozaki up against the cage once again. They escaped clinch and went back to stand-up. The final round started with Ozaki being aggressive with striking, but found himself against the cage again. He broke free with two minutes left, but was hit with a double-leg takedown. The fight went the full nine minutes, leaving the judges to decide who won. The judges gave Tatsuki Ozaki the win, which surprised the commentators.

Bout 2: Kei Arimura vs. Takashi Araya (Neo Blood Tournament First Round Strawweight) (3×3)

The second of two strawweight tournament fights was next. Arimura was the better striker from the get-go. Araya landed a takedown as he started to bleed. They stook back up after Arimura escaped. Araya did land some strikes to the head while in top mount. Araya got a second takedown before the round ended. At the start of the second round it was Araya who was quick to bring it to the ground. Araya was on top mount for most of the round, but with a few seconds left in the round Arimura landed a few more stand-up punches. It was clear that Arimura was the superior striker while Araya was the better grappler. Most of the third round was on the ground. The fight was put up for decision, where Araya was favoured.

Bout 3: Daiki Nishimura vs. Yosuke Shimoda (Neo Blood Tournament First Round Flyweight (3×3)

After the strawweights we saw a flyweight tournament bout. It was noted that both fighters were making their pro debut. Shimoda landed a single leg takedown after a minute of stand-up, but Nishimura took his back after a roll. They went back to stand-up after that. Early in round two Shimoda landed a spinning back kick to the head. The whole round was a good striking battle. In the final round Nishimura tried for a guillotine but did not find success with it. After three rounds, Shimoda was given the victory.

Bout 4: Ryosuke Takasugi vs. Masahide Hiraoka (Neo Blood Tournament First Round Bantamweight) (3×3)

The next fight was a bantamweight Neo Blood fight. Masahide Hiraoka fought out of Krazy Bee. The first round had Takasugi landing a takedown, with Hiraoka escaping in the final seconds of the round. Takasugi shot for another takedown in the second after Hiraoka had some decent ground game. Hiraoka’s striking was really successful in this round. The final round was mostly stand-up. Hiraoka was given the victory from the judges.

Bout 5: Tatsuhiko Iwamoto vs. Michio Ito (Neo Blood Tournament First Round Featherweight) (3×3)

The next fight was a featherweight battle. Ito is representing Krazy Bee as well. The first round was grappling heavy as both fighters tried for many moves. Ito had some heavy heads in the second round, and then landed a double leg takedown up against the cage. In the final round, Ito was in top mount when he stared landing hammer fists, so much so that the referee stopped the bout.

Bout 6: Ryosuke Shiotsu vs. Yota Tatsunari (Neo Blood Tournament First Round Featherweight) (3×3)

We saw a second featherweight fight next. The first round show aggressive striking and grappling from both fighters. Very early in the second round, Tatsunari landed a kick and then strikes on the ground afterwards making the ref stop the bout. Watching the replay, it was revealed that before the exchange Shiotsu had tweaked is leg and fallen down. He was carried out via stretcher.

Bout 7: Yohei Nada vs. Darani Date (Neo Blood Tournament First Round Featherweight) (3×3)

In another Featherweight fight, we saw Yohei Nada and Darani Date compete. Nada landed a takedown within the first minute of the bout. He had complete control on the ground, staying dominant for the whole round. Nada continued with his well done grappling in the second and third round. The fight went the distance. Nada won the fight from the scorecards.

Bout 8: Takashi Yamashita vs. Masayoshi Watanabe (Neo Blood Tournament First Round Welterweight) (3×3)

Moving up the weight classes more, we had welterweights Takashi Yamashita and Masayoshi Watanabe fight next. The first round was purely stand-up. Watanabe landed a takedown in the final round, making the rest of the fight stay on the ground. Both fighters lasted all three rounds with Watanabe getting the nod.

Bout 9: Yuma Nakajima vs. Naoki Arikawa (Flyweight) (3×3)

The final preliminary fight was the only one that wasn’t contested within a Neo Blood Tournament. On the ground, Arikawa was landing strikes throughout the first. In the second round, Arikawa had a headlock on the ground that made Nakajima tap out.

Main Card:

Bout 10: Kazuma Maruyama (7-5) vs. Kenta Takagi (#5) (16-16) (Wellterweight) (3×3)

The first main card fight was a Welterweight fight. After a minute and a half of stand-up fighting, Maruyama was hit with a left hook while going for a kick, absolutely knocking him out.

Bout 11: Mayra Cantuaria (4-3-1) vs. Emiko Raika (8-5-1) (Flyweight) (3×5)

The next fight was a Flyweight battle between Mayra Cantuaria and Emiko Raika. Cantuaria was aggressive from the start, landing knees in a clinch. She landed a takedown and took half guard. Landing strikes periodically, Cantuaria was in position for a rear naked choke. She landed numerous unanswered strikes, but it didn’t stop the bout. Cantuaria put in an armbar while trapping a leg, making Raika tap.

Bout 12: Masayuki Kikuiri (4-0) (#8) vs. Yusuke Kasuya (9-5-2) (Lightweight) (3×5)

Masayuki Kikuiri put his undefeated record on the line when he faced Yusuke Kasuya in a Lightweight bout. Kasuya landed a good couple of strikes and then a double leg takedown. On the ground, he threw down hard strikes to win the match in just over a minute. He celebrated with what I would assume is his two children afterwards.

Bout 13: Shinsuke Kamei (4-0) (#11) vs. Yojiro Uchimura (16-12-3) (#10) (Featherweight) (3×5)

This next fight was similar to the one before in that it was a 4-0 fighter facing a more experienced fighter. The two fighters were next to each other in the Featherweight rankings. In the first round both guys were swinging for the fences. In the final minute, Uchimura went to the ground, but the commentators suspected it was over a slip and not a knockdown. At the start of the second round Uchimura landed a beautiful Superman punch and tried to finish the fight with strikes afterwards but Kamei recovered. With a few seconds left in the second round, Kamei got dropped yet again by a left hook. Uchimura landed more strikes up against the cage and then turned around and stopped as if the fight had ended. The fight didn’t end, the ref didn’t do anything to signal it did, so this was complete instinct by Uchimura. The fight continued into the third round. After they were up against the cage for a while in the third, Kamei rolled into a leg lock, but Uchimura escaped. Both fighters were exhausted at this point. They kept swinging until the fight ended. They hugged after the bout ended. This fight had the crowd amped up as it was fast from the get-go. Uchimura got the unanimous victory.

Bout 14: Kenichiro Togashi (18-14-5) (#7) vs. Akira Okada (13-6-3) (#4) (Lightweight) (3×5)

Bout 14 of the evening was Kenichiro Togashi versus Akira Okada. Nearly halfway into the first round, Okada was hit with a right that dropped him. The second round was a slow, methodical stand-up battle between the two. Okada was checked by doctors in-between rounds two and three but was able to continue. In the final round, Okada landed elbows in a clinch that made Togashi start bleeding. He tried for a takedown but was stopped. He landed a takedown from a leg sweep as the fight came to a close. The judges favoured Togashi, giving him his 19th professional win.

Bout 15: Yuto Hokamura (14-8-2) (#6) vs. Toshinori Tsunemura (13-8-4) (#1) (Bantamweight) (3×5)

The #1 ranked Bantamweight Toshinori Tsunemura also known as “Tsune” faced Yuto Hokamura in the next bout. With under two minutes left in the first round, Hokamura landed a kick to the head that made Tsune go absolutely numb. “We almost saw Tsunemura’s head fly into the crowd,” said commentator Stewart Fulton.

Bout 16: Kseniia Guseva (4-0-1) vs. Emi Fujino (22-11-1) (#2) (Strawweight) (3×5)

In the next fight, Kseniia Guseva, current #2 ranked Flyweight in Pancrase faced #2 fighter in Strawweight, Emi Fujino. I recognized Shizuka Sugiyama in Fujino’s corner. The majority of the first round was spent up against the cage. The second round was very similar. They finally went to the ground in the final two minutes. Fujino landed some punches from the top mount and half guard. The fight went the distance with Fujino getting the unanimous decision.

Bout 17: Kyle Aguon (12-7) (#3) vs. Taichi Nakajima (13-9-1) (#2) (Featherweight) (3×5)

The next bout was a Featherweight battle between Kyle Aguon and Taichi Nakajima. Augon fights out of the Spike22 gym in Guam, which also plays host to DEEP’s Roque Martinez. The first round of this fight had lots of stand-up fighting, with Aguon landing some good strikes. Augon tried for a guillotine in the final minute but didn’t keep it for long. Miyuu Yamamoto was in Aguon’s corner for this fight. The fight was very close throughout. It went all 15 minutes, with Aguon getting a split decision victory.

Bout 18: Tatsuya So (17-16-4) (#4) vs. Daichi Kitakata (18-8-1) (#1) (Strawweight) (3×5)

In the 18th fight, Tatsuya So and Daichi Kitakata competed. The first round was close, but Kitakata had a strong ending to the round, dropping So with strikes and then putting in a guillotine for a few seconds. Kitakata landed a takedown after some good strikes at the start of the third round. On the ground, Kitakata attempted a rear naked choke, but did make it work. So tried for his own move but wasn’t able to put anything in. The fight ended with both fighters swinging. The judges gave Kitakata the victory.

Bout 19: Sidy Rocha (9-5-2) (#3) vs. Takayo Hashi (16-6-1) (#1) (Women’s Flyweight Championship) (5×5)

The co-main event of the evening was Sidy Rocha and Takayo Hashi fighting for Pancrase’s Women’s Flyweight Championship. Rocha had a clear advantage due to height and reach when trading blows. In the final seconds of the last round, Rocha landed a takedown. Most rounds felt like the first, where Hashi was being outboxed. In the fifth however, Hashi landed a takedown. Hashi’s work in the final round wasn’t enough though, as Rocha took the decision victory to win the Women’s Flyweight Championship.

Bout 20: Tom Santos (10-6) (#5) vs. Takasuke Kume (21-5-4) (Champion) (Lightweight Championship) (5×5)

The main event of the evening was Tom Santos challenging Takasuke Kume for his Lightweight Championship. In the first round of the fight, Kume landed a trip after a strike to bring the fight to the ground. He landed strikes on the ground for a few minutes. Kume landed another takedown at the start of the second round. Kume continued his ground and pound style. At the start of the third round Santos went down from a right hook. Kume landed more strikes on the ground, and then put in a triangle choke that Santos tapped out to.

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