NXT Takeover: Brooklyn 4 Results And Review

It’s time to look over NXT’s show from the Summerslam weekend, Brooklyn 4. The show started with a pretty good opening video package, ending with a line from Tommaso Ciampa. After the introduction the show doesn’t waste much time to get to the first match.

The first match of the night was Kyle O’Reilly and Roderick Strong form the Undisputed Era defending their NXT Tag Team Championships against Tyler Bate and Trent Seven from Mustache Mountain. For some reason the champions entered first, which seems unusual. At the start of the match there was absolutely no order. The four guys were just completely going at each other. The match eventually had order to it. Tyler Bate did a really impressive spot when he spun Roderick Strong by his legs while already holding O’Reilly on his shoulders. Bate then did a double German Suplex. The crowd really popped for this, with an NXT chant breaking out. Bate’s momentum stopped after Strong nearly killed him with a Clothesline.

O’Reilly started working parts of the body, sweeping a leg with a kick and then doing different holds on it. Trent Seven got a hot tag after Bate was in the ring for a long time. He did a Back Body Drop and then dove to the outside. He reversed a kick in the corner by O’Reilly into a slam. He hit a Dragon Release Suplex into another type of slam for a very close count. Strong put Seven into a Strong Hold while O’Reilly had Bate in a Triangle Choke. Bate slammed O’Reilly into Strong to get them out of their situation. Bate dove over all three ropes the the outside, then did an amazing clothesline. Back in the ring Bate gave Strong a Powerbomb but he kicked out at two. O’Reilly put Bate into a submission move that made Seven consider throwing in the towel for his team. When the ref wasn’t looking at one point, Strong dragged the submission move away from Seven’s corner. Seven got a hot tag, hitting some strikes and a clothesline. Bate got a tag in for a Burning Hammer double team. Kyle O’Reilly kicked out, leaving the crowd in disbelief and appreciation. NXT’s nearly trademarked catchphrase “Fight forever” was chanted. Undisputed Era came in and made a very quick comeback, with the team hitting a High-Low to win the match.

This match was absolutely amazing. It was the textbook definition of “tearing the house down.” I predicted in my preview article that this match would be an absolute party, and I couldn’t have been more happy that I was right. If there was anything that I wished I could change about this match was the finish. I felt that Undisputed Era came back and mounted an offense that came out of nowhere. They could have maybe done a few more moves before calling for the finish. But don’t let that small criticism make the match sound lesser than it was. After the match War Machine absolutely destroyed O’Reilly and Strong. Looks like they are next in line. This beatdown was crazy in itself, with one of the guys doing a dive, which is very impressive for their physique. This made me wonder what the rest of the Undisputed Era was doing while the beatdown happened. Why didn’t they come to the aid of their buddies?

The second match was the only match that did not have any real prize for winning. The Velveteen Dream versus EC3. I can only assume that the crowd was singing along to EC3’s theme, despite the broadcast not picking it up. Full Sail was absolutely screaming the theme on Wednesday’s NXT episode. Early in the match Velveteen hit a Twisting DDT on the metal grate part of the entrance ramp. Velveteen played mind games with EC3, splashing a bottle of water in his face after hitting his head against a commentary booth many times. EC3 hit a Superplex later on, but Velveteen kicking out at two. Velveteen did a Driver of some sort on the apron then did an Elbow Drop onto the apron. He dragged EC3 back into the ring for a 3 count. I liked this match but I’m not that huge on the apron bumps like what was done at the end.

Before our next match we see Matt Riddle sitting at ringside. You could hear a ruckus in the crowd before they even cut to him, as some people probably noticed him being planted in the crowd. The next match is Ricochet attempting to take the North American Championship from Adam Cole. Throughout this match Cole was scolding Ricochet, repeatedly saying “You’re not special!” Ricochet went for an impressive dive around 10 minutes into the match. Cole hit a Backstabber for a very close count. Ricochet went for a Moonsault but Cole reversed it by hitting a mid-air Superkick. He followed it up with a Neckbreaker for a two count. The crowd went absolutely wild for this spot. The two traded kicks, with Cole falling on top of Ricochet for another close count. Ricochet went to the top rope, possibly looking for the finish of the match, but then Cole rolled out of the way. Instead Ricochet jumped over the top rope, onto the apron and did a Huricanrana to the outside floor. He followed it up with a his Shooting Star where he lands his back on the guy to win the match. This match had an amazing ending sequence. Looks like not all of The Undisputed Era could find success tonight.

The continued theme of rematches continued on this card when Kairi Sane faced Shayna Baszler. The three other “Four Horsewomen” were in the crowd to support Baszler. There was a spot early in this match was twisting Sane’s legs in a way that were painful to watch. I was physically cringing watching this spot, it was amazing. Sane started to mount a comeback after many minutes of being beat down, hitting an InSane Elbow, Shayne rolled away from another, but Sane did a Crossbody off the top rope to the outside. Sane then hit a second InSane Elbow. This spot seemed slightly similar to what we saw in the match before. Sane was put in a Rear Naked Choke but reached a rope. Sane tried for an InSane Elbow once again but Baszler kicked her in the head on the way down. Baszler tried to put Sane in another submission move but Sane reversed it into a roll-up while still in the hold to win the match. I am happy that Sane is finally champion, and I also liked the final sequence of moves.

Finally, it was time for the main event of the night. In what has been such long built up rivalry, Johnny Gargano faces NXT Champion Tommaso Ciampa in a Last Man Standing match. Ciampa walked out to the ring with no theme music, getting bombarded with boo’s from the crowd. During the match introductions Gargano jumped Ciampa, starting the match. Early in the match Ciampa peeled off a part of the padding at ringside. Gargano did an amazing dive off the apron onto the floor. Ciampa was then thrown over the English commentary table, getting a piece of a fleeing Percy Watson. Ciampa carried Gargano off the English commentary table, dropping him through the Spanish table. Later on Gargano threw Ciampa head first into a steel chair that was wedged into the corner. A few moves later Gargano tried to throw Ciampa through two tables outside the ring but Ciampa avoided it. Ciampa hit the Three Amigos right after (three German Suplexes). Ciampa did three Project Ciampa’s moments later. He seems to like his trios. Gargano was down for a nine count, but then springed up and Superkicked Ciampa.

After Gargano sprayed Ciampa with a fire extinguisher, he hit him with a crutch. Gargano almost got put through the two tables put avoided it. Gargano did a Springboard DDT onto a piece of the ring which had it’s mat torn off of it. Outside the ring Gargano accidentally Superkicked a production crew guy after Ciampa dodged it. Ciampa Speared Gargano through the barricade then stacked like 6 things on top of him, including the production guy. Gargano escaped at a 9 count. Ciampa got Superkicked off the apron and went through the two tables which were on the concrete floor. He used a broken crutch to help himself up. Gargano brought Ciampa up to the stage and handcuffed him to a part of the wall on the stage. After Gargano hit a Knee Strike it took both of them down. Ciampa made it up for the 9 count while Gargano stayed down for all 10. The commentary team says Gargano is injured as the show is concluding. Ciampa remains the top dog of NXT at TakeOver Brooklyn 4 comes to a close.

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