WWE RAW Results and Review

Monday Night RAW is live from Detroit, Michigan this week. Kurt Angle comes to the ring to start the show off. Kurt expresses his excitement for his Wrestlemania match. Angle informs the crowd that Lesnar will not be here tonight. The crowd does not like this announcement. As Angle is about to mention MizTV, Roman Reigns cuts him off. Thank god, maybe he can not do MizTV this week.


Roman says that Brock has respect for nobody. He claims that Brock did not show up to work. I mean, yeah, he did. Roman says Brock is Vince’s boy, that’s why he wasn’t fired. Roman says that he will not be disrespected by Vince McMahon. He walks backstage to the green room, and confronts Vince. Vince says they will go talk about it in his office. Vince instructs them to cut to commercials. That ends the first segment.


I feel like Roman was being a little too extra. Even in story, Lesnar can do whatever he wants because WWE doesn’t want to lose him. I feel like in story, WWE knows that having a un-controlled Lesnar is better than having no Lesnar, so they let him do what he wants. Roman expecting to be held up to the same standard is absurd.


After the break, Renee Young is reporting outside of Vince’s office. When Roman leaves the office, Renee tries to ask a question, but he refuses to answer anything. Vince leaves the office too, and speaks to Renee. He says that Brock isn’t anyone’s boy. He also says that there was no intention of disrespecting Roman. Vince also said that he told Roman to “Know your role and shut your mouth”. He also says that Roman is temporarily suspended. The crowd cheered loud for this. Makes sense, he’s the one who is being disrespectful in my books.


Sonya Deville w/ Paige and Mandy Rose vs. Sasha Banks w/ Bayley


Sasha Banks tries to fix her friendship with Bayley, while competing tonight against Sonya Deville. Bayley is ringside during the match, looking uncomfortable. Sasha put Sonya into the Bank Statement for the win. She also did that Double Knees move earlier, which is cool. Just after Sasha won, Bayley stormed off. As Bayley left her, all three members of Absolution circled around Sasha. Mandy and Sonya ganged up on Banks, as Paige wasn’t even allowed to go near because of her injury. Bayley was nowhere to be found during this scene.


MizTV w/ Seth Rollins and Finn Balor


Well, I guess we will have MizTV this week. His guests this week are his two Wrestlemania opponents, Finn Balor and Seth Rollins. He is without The Miztourage because they are fighting later on tonight. He introduces Seth Rollins first, then Finn Balor. As usual, Miz threw around insults and both of his guests. Miz’s comments eventually drive Seth up the wall, eventually telling Miz to shut up. Rollins claims that Miz is trying to start shit between the Finn and himself. Ironically, when The Miz shuts up, that’s when the beef really starts. They are about to do something, but when they notice The Miz smiling and rubbing his hands out of anticipation, they take him out. Finn made the mistake of turning his bad, and Seth attacked him too.

This was formulaic, but this was a great segment. The crowd loved it, so did I. I hope they can do something clever with this rivalry next week too. After the break, Rollins versus Balor is set for later tonight.


The Bar vs. The Miztourage


The aforementioned Miztourage match is next. Instead of a match starting, a full brawl broke out. The Revival and Anderson & Gallows joined the brawl. As The Bar tried to escape, Heath Slater & Rhyno AND Titus Worldwide joined the fight too. The Bar finally escape, and the rest of the division just stands around.


John Cena Talks About Wrestlemania


John Cena comes out to talk about Wrestlemania, and where he will find himself on the card. Cena says that he will not be at Wrestlemania this year. He says that he will be there, but not competing. He goes into the crowd so visually show people that he may be sitting beside you at Wrestlemania. Apparently he took a sip of beer from the crowd, but my feed cut out so idk lol. He says that since he won’t have a match, he’ll go for the longshot. He challenges The Undertaker. Cena did a great promo, challenging The Undertaker. It was seriously good. John Cena is still a legend.


Elias On Stage


Elias does a concert in the ring. It is interrupted with a promo from Braun, saying that he is angry that he doesn’t have a Wrestlemania opponent yet. His promo has those awful words onscreen. It was an odd segment because it just sorta ended.


Seth Rollins vs. Finn Balor


The previously announced match between Rollins and Balor happens now. Late in the match, Balor tried for a coup de grace but Seth fought it off. Seth did a Suplerplex instead. Balor did a roll-up right after for the win.


The match was amazing, but the roll-up felt kind of stupid. Like sure, Balor countered whatever Seth was about to do, but I feel like this completely undermined the Superplex. It’s not a big deal though, so I won’t fret.


Asuka Interview and Asuka vs. Mickie James


Asuka is being interviewed about how appearance at Fastlane last night. When she is asked a question, she is immediately interrupted by Alexa Bliss and Mickie James. Alexa Bliss calls Asuka smart because she won’t face her, because she will lose. Alexa also mocks her many times, saying that Asuka has bad English, saying that there is a language barrier, which is, questionable. Asuka says “to be the woman you got to beat the woman!”. Asuka says she wants to face the best champion in WWE. Asuka challenges Alexa to a fight tonight. Mickie attacks Asuka, then they have a match after the break. Asuka won the fight via Asuka Lock. During this match, I have to note how well Asuka’s leg strikes are. They look so real, and so brutal. It’s always been like that, I’ve just never pointed it out. Alexa Bliss stormed away from the ring after the fight.


Nia Jax vs. Local


Nia Jax versus local next. Nia wins. After the match, we see backstage footage of Alexa and Mickie talking shit about Nia. They make a ton of fat jokes, and stuff like that. Honestly, I fucking hate using stuff like that for an angle. I thought they were doing so well with Nia on the main roster, but they have finally went all in with making fun of her size. It’s so lazy, pathetic and somewhat degenerate.


Tag Team Battle Royal


Our last match is a tag team battle royal. All RAW tag teams are in a battle royale to determine the #1 contenders for the tag belts. Before the fight starts, Braun Stroman comes down to the ring. Stroman is a part of this match now apparently.


Braun Stroman won the match, so I guess he’s facing the tag champs at Wrestlemania. I guess they can have a good storyline or whatever, but I just feel like this is such a downgrade compared to everything else Stroman has done this year.


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