WWE Extreme Rules Coverage 2017

Hey folks! Welcome to my live coverage feed for WWE Extreme Rules! Follow the timestamps throughout the night to stay tuned.

7:02PM: The pre-show has started! Stay tuned for more updates.

7:20PM: The pre-show is free to view on Youtube. Here is the livestream:

7:38PM: Kalisto vs Apollo Crews (with Titus O’Neil)

Our first match of the evening is Kalisto versus Apollo Crews. Titus O’Neil is ringside in support of Apollo. Crews starts the match with a takedown on Kalisto. Kalisto fights out of it, then he gets pushed into the ropes. Armdrag takedown by Apollo. Apollo stands in the corner for a second while Titus tells him something. Another takedown by Apollo, Kalisto fights out once again. Kalisto gets thrown in the corner. Kalisto runs on the rope a few times, but then gets dropkicked by Apollo. Apollo gets a 2 count after that move.

Another takedown by Apollo, throws Kalisto off the ropes again. This time Kalisto does a Huricanrana and another similar move after. Apollo gets sent outside the ring. Kalisto then does a front flip-type dive. Kalisto goes off the ropes again, but this time Apollo reverses with a kick. We go to a break with both of the men on the ground outside the ring.

Back from the break, Crews is in control of Kalisto in the ring. Crews goes for a pin that gets a late 2. Kalisto reverses a slam into a pin, Apollo kicks out. Apollo hits a clothesline out of nowhere for another kickout. Kalisto goes for another roll-up, but gets a 2 count. Apollo hits Kalisto with an elbow this time. Kalisto hits a kick combo then hits a Corkscrew. After another hurricanrana type move Kalisto goes for another pin. Kalisto tries for a small package rollup, but gets a kickout. Off the ropes again, Kalisto hits a DDT. Kalisto goes for another pin, but Apollo escapes the pin. Titus is panicking ringside, sweating like crazy.

Kalisto goes off the top rope, but Crews reverses it into a Samoan Drop. Apollo hits his standing shooting star for a kickout. Apollo talks to Titus, who is standing on the apron. Titus is giving a pep talk. Kalisto comes out of nowhere and hits a Salida Del Sol on Apollo to win the match. Titus looks angered at Apollo, despite the situation being his fault.

7:50PM: Kalisto def. Titus O’Neil

8:00PM: The PPV is now officially underway! The show started with a video package and quick pyro show. This PPV is live from Baltimore, and was said to be sold out. It’s time for our first match.

8:04PM: The Miz (With Maryse) vs Dean Ambrose (Intercontinental Championship Match) (If Dean Ambrose gets DQ’d, he loses the Title)

The night that WWE goes extreme, starts with a match where if the Champ gets DQ’d, he loses the belt. The Miz faces Dean Ambrose as our first match on the actual PPV. The bell rings and the two lock up. Ambrose does a headlock takedown on the Miz. Ambrose goes off the ropes and shoulder tackles The Miz. The two lock up once again. Ambrose does a flurry of punches in the corner, but is weary of the ref’s five count because of the DQ stipulation. Ambrose does a spinning elbow then clothesline’s The Miz to the outside. He then hits a Suicide Dive. The Miz takes a chair out at ringside. The Miz tries to use a chair while the ref isn’t looking, but Dean snatches it. The ref sees Dean holding a chair and thinks about doing a DQ. Back on the apron, The Miz does a DDT to Dean. He goes for a pin inside the ring but gets a two count.

Both wrestlers are on their feet and trade punches. Miz hits a neckbreaker type move and goes for another pin. Kickout by Dean. Miz then kicks the back of Ambrose’s head as he is resting on the ropes. Ambrose is making a comeback. He hits a headbutt, then goes off the ropes. He gets hit with Ambrose’s knee. Ambrose tries for another comeback but he gets thrown onto the mat once again. After a series of corner dropkicks, the Miz heads to the top rope. Tries for something, but it gets reversed into a Dirty Deeds. That gets reversed too. The Miz gets thrown outside the ring. Ambrose heads to the top rope then does a flying elbow to the outside. Both wrestler get back in the ring near the 9 count. Ambrose hits a clothesline on Miz, then hits a Fisherman Suplex. Pin for a two count.

Both wreslters get back to their feet. Ambrose tries for a running bulldog but it gets reversed. Ambrose hits a swinging neckbreaker for a two count. Dean hits a Sunset Flip, but Miz immediately follows it up with a Figure 4. Ambrose gets to the rope. Ambrose tries for a roll-up, gets a two count. Both head to the top rope. Ambrose gives Miz many headbutts. Dean tries for a powerbomb but it gets reversed. As he picks Miz up, he removed a turnbuckle. Ambrose tries to throw the Miz into the corner, but stops himself because of the exposed turnbuckle. Miz hits a running knee but it gets a two count.

Miz gets up and does the yes kicks to Ambrose. Ambrose catches the last kicks and puts him in a Figure 4. Miz finds his way to a rope to break the hold. Maryse tries to interfere with the match, but instead she gets thrown out of the match. The Miz is arguing with the ref , and Ambrose goes for a roll-up. 2 count. The ref continues to argue with Maryse, and The Miz pushes Ambrose into the ref. The ref gets mad at Ambrose, and the ref thinks of DQ’ing him. Miz comes from behind and hits a Skull Crushing Finale on Dean Ambrose and the ref counts the pin. Ambrose doesn’t kick out, making The Miz your new IC Champion.

8:31PM: The Miz def. Dean Ambrose to become new Intercontinental Champion

8:36PM: Alicia Fox and Noam Dar vs Sasha Banks and Rich Swann (Mixed Tag Match)

It’s time for our next match! When Rich Swann gets announced as from Baltimore, the crowd gives him a loud reaction. Swann and Dar start in the ring for this match. Swann gives him a chop in the corner. The women get tagged into the match. As Alicia is beating up Sasha, she turns to Swann and mocks his dancing. He gets annoyed by this. Swann gets a hot tag after Sasha gets beaten up for a while. Swann does all of his big moves, but then Dar rolls him up. He gets a kickout. The two trade punches. Dar hits an Uppercut, but Swann responds with a spinning kick. The two women attack eachother outside the ring while Swann and Dar continue their fight outside the ring. Sasha does a double knees to Dar when he tries to save Alicia from a move. Swann throws Dar back in the ring for a Pheonix Splash for the win of the match.

8:45PM: Sasha Banks and Rich Swann def. Alicia Fox and Noam Dar

8:50PM: Elias Samson is in the ring, singing a song for the crowd. It’s about how he thinks Baltimore is filth.

8:56PM: Bayley vs Alexa Bliss (RAW Women’s Championship Match) (Kendo Stick On a Pole Match)

Time for the Kendo Stick on a Pole match, featuring Bayley and Alexa Bliss. The two women are brawling on the top rope in the corner of the Kendo Stick. Bayley pulls the kendo stick to the mat, but falls to the outside. Bayley does a Belly to back suplex on the outside. Bayley grabs the Kendo Stick then chases down Alexa Bliss. Alexa snatches the stick from her and starts swinging away. Alexa uses the kendo stick once again and hits a DDT for the win.

9:04PM: Alexa Bliss def. Bayley to retain RAW Women’s Championship

9:09PM: Cesaro and Sheamus vs The Hardy Boyz (RAW Tag Team Championship Match) (Steel Cage Match ONLY WIN BY ESCAPING THE CAGE)

When this match starts, Cesaro and Sheamus immediately try to escape. When they all get back in the ring, the move start coming in. Sheamus hits a backbreaker on Jeff, and the two double team Matt. They try to escape again, but the Hardys stop them once again. Sheamus and Matt both try escaping. Michael Cole points out that it is a dumb tactic to escape one at a time since you need both wrestlers out of the cage to win. All wrestlers get back in the ring. Both Hardys dropkick a wrestler who is sitting up against the cage.

Sheamus tries to Brouge Kick Jeff, but he dodges it. Matt Hardy Tornado DDT’s Sheamus, and Jeff takes out Cesaro. The Hardy’s now try to escape. Cesaro and Sheamus both climb to the top of the cage now. Cesaro tries to hold onto Jeff, but Jeff is let go of and he drops to the floor. Matt gets brought back in the ring, and fights off the duo of Cesaro and Sheamus. Cesaro and Sheamus try to stop him and Jeff Hardy tries to pull Hardy over the cage. Matt gets slammed back into the ring.

Sheamus tries to escape through the door, but Matt stops him. Matt goes for a climb again, but Cesaro starts uppercutting him as he is laying on top of the cage. Both of the guys grab Matt. Sheamus hits a White Noise from the top rope. Jeff rips off his shirt and climbs back into the cage. He hits Whisper Into The Wind off the top of the cage onto Sheamus and Cesaro. Sheamus and Cesaro start climbing the cage as Matt and Jeff try to leave through the door. Sheamus and Cesaro win the race, and become the new RAW Tag Team Champions.

9:29PM: Cesaro and Sheamus def. The Hardy Boyz and become new RAW Tag Team Champions

9:36PM: Austin Aries vs Neville (Cruiserweight Championship Match)

Austin Aries versus Neville is our next match on the show. Early in the match Aries hits the Last Chancery, but Neville immediately escapes to the outside. Neville gets thrown into the barricades ringside numerous times by Aries. Later on Aries hits a Dragonscrew. Neville brings Aries to the apron then dropkicks him to the outside. Aries goes to the top rope and tries for a dropkick, but Neville dodges it. Neville lands the Rings Of Saturn on Aries, but he escapes. Minutes later, Aries hits the Last Chancery. The two roll out of the ring, but the hold is still in. Neville taps, but since they are out of the ring, it didn’t count. Aries stops the hold and drags Neville back into the ring. Neville is on the apron, as Aries his a Disqus Fivearm. He the dives to the outside, but Neville dodged it. Aries slams against the barrier HARD.

Back in the ring, Neville hit Aries with a Red Arrow to the back of Aries (which made a painful noise), then hit a Rings of Saturn for the win.

9:56PM: Neville def. Austin Aries 

10:05PM: Bray Wyatt vs Seth Rollins vs Samoa Joe vs Finn Balor vs Roman Reigns (Universal Championship #1 Contender Match)

It is now time for our main event of the evening, a fatal-five way to determine the next Universal Championship #1 Contender. Everyone starts fighting except Roman at the start. Roman eventually starts fighting Balor. He blocks a kick from Balor and he exits the ring. Seth comes in the ring to square off with Roman, but out of nowhere comes Joe and Wyatt to beat up Roman. Moments later Balor does a dive to the outside onto everyone else. After the dive Roman drives Balor into a barricade. The action continues outside the ring for many more minutes. Bray Wyatt DDT’s Seth Rollins onto steel steps. Back in the ring, Finn Balor is fighting Samoa Joe. Finn hits him with a double stomp, but Wyatt then runs in the ring with a steel chair.

Skipping ahead a little, Rollins hits a top rope dive onto Bray for a kickout. Later on Finn Balor sets Bray Wyatt up on a commentator table, but Samoa Joe got rid of him by putting him in a Cohena Clutch. As the submission is still going on, Roman spears all of them through the barricade. After that, Seth Rollins climbs to the top rope then Frogsplashes Bray. Roman, who has a bloodied lip gets back in the ring and faces off with Seth. During their exchange a Superman Punch got reversed into a rollup then a kick. Seth then climbs to the top rope and lands a frogsplash. He gets a two count from that move.

Bray gets back in the ring. He tries for Sister Abgail but it gets reversed into a Spear by Reigns. Seth hits Reigns with a buckle bomb, but Reigns responds with a Superman Punch. Finn is back in the ring, and gets hit with a Superman Punch. Finn lands a Swingblade, then hits a Coux De Gras. He goes for a pin, but Samoa Joe drags him out of the way and puts him in a Cohena Clutch. Balor passes out, and the ref ends the match.

10:42PM: Samoa Joe def. Bray Wyatt, Seth Rollins, Finn Balor and Roman Reigns and becomes the #1 Contender for the WWE Universal Championship

That wraps up the coverage! Sorry that the last match wasn’t too descriptive, it was too hard to follow for me. Either way, if you enjoyed, make sure to follow me on twitter @JackWannan. Bye!


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