WWE RAW 1/14/19 Results and Review

At the start of RAW, we saw a limousine. The door of the limo opened, and Vince McMahon got out. We saw him walking backstage and then went to the live crowd who got greeted by Braun Stroman. Stroman says that he knows that Lesnar is afraid of him. Lesnar can no longer be saved by Baron Corbin because he doesn’t run RAW anymore. He says that at the Royal Rumble, Lesnar will “get these hands.” Corbin then came out and says he is focusing on winning the Rumble so that he will be “somewhere you (Braun) will never be, the main event of Wrestlemania.” This seemingly hit a nerve for Stroman, as he chased Corbin backstage. Once he went backstage he couldn’t find Corbin. Stroman glanced at the same limo that Vince McMahon was near. Elias was playing his guitar backstage and said told Stroman that Corbin was in the limo. Stroman went to absolutely vandalize the limo, ripping out a door. Corbin was in fact in the limo but got away as Stroman was caught by Vince McMahon. Vince was in absolute disgust of what happened as we went to the break.

After the break, we saw Stroman try to put back together the car door that he took apart. Vince was nice enough to wait until after the commercial break to shout at Stroman. He says that the repairs will cost Stroman 100,000 dollars. Wow, pretty solid estimation on the fly from Vince. After Stroman complained, Vince also called off Stroman’s Royal Rumble match. This enraged Stroman even more, making him flip the limousine. You’d think that at this point Stroman would learn that his temper is detrimental to his career, but I guess not.

It felt like an unusual way to end it, but whatever. There was some great camerawork for this opening segment, which felt out of the ordinary for the program. Once Stroman stormed away from the limo, the camera turned to a corner where Elias was hidden away with his guitar. It seemed odd that Stroman would get this offended over Corbin thinking that he will main event Wrestlemania.

Ronda Rousey & Sasha Banks vs. Nia Jax & Tamina

The first match of the evening was Ronda Rousey and Sasha Banks fighting the duo of Nia Jax and Tamina. Before the match began we saw Braun Stroman being escorted out of the building by security. When Rousey first got tagged into the match the crowd cheered. Tamina fell into an Armbar but escaped it because Nia Jax dragged her out of the ring. The finish came after 10 minutes of the match, with Sasha Banks giving Tamina the Banks Statement after Tamina ran into Nia. After the match Ronda complimented Banks, saying that it would be an accomplishment to defeat Banks at the Rumble. While Ronda wasn’t being rude, Banks took offence to this, saying that she will teach Rousey how to lose with class. Both of them had a good exchange, although it made Ronda seem very passive.

Backstage we saw a line outside Vince McMahon’s office. Jerry Lawler left the room before we went to the break. After the break, we saw Bayley and Natalya breaking up another argument between Banks and Ronda. After they got split up, Bayley and Natalya themselves got in an argument. The Riott Squad then came in to make fun of the two. They offer the two to a six-man match if they can find a third member for their team. Natalya accepts the challenge before consulting Bayley, who seemed reluctant.

Kalisto & Gran Metalik w/ Lince Dorado (Lucha House Party) vs. Scott Dawson & Dash Wilder (The Revival)

Because of The Revival’s unfortunate loss last week due to the ref not seeing a foot on the rope, they are taking out their anger on the Lucha House Party. They didn’t lose to the Lucha House Party, but they were ringside as Lumberjacks for the match, so that makes them guilty in The Revival’s eyes. During the match, we headed backstage where Dasha Fuentes was reporting from outside Vince McMahon’s office. Apollo Crews, Curt Hawkins, EC3, The B-Team, Health Slater & Rhyno were outside the office in hopes of a match. EC3 didn’t say anything and just smiled when on camera. The wrestling was okay, but the whole point of this match relied on the finish, where Gran Metalik’s foot was taken off of the rope during a pinfall. After the match, we went back to the office where Vince McMahon said he will announce Brock’s new opponent.

Vince McMahon Makes An Announcement

Vince McMahon came out to make his announcement. Before he could finish a sentence, John Cena came out. Cena gives his pitch and says he is stepping up for the match. After he gave his speech, Drew McIntyre came out. And then came out Baron Corbin, and then Finn Balor. The first person that Vince turned down was Finn Balor. Balor says that Vince never believed in him. To change Vince’s mind, he starts a brawl. McIntyre comes out above everyone in the brawl, giving Cena a Claymore Kick. After this, Vince books a fatal-four-way match.

Backstage after the break, Jinder Mahal approached Vince McMahon backstage. Jinder doesn’t understand why he didn’t get considered for the match. Because of this, Vince gives him an odd stipulation where he can choose anyone from the fatal-four-way, and if he beats them, he gets their Rumble spot. Can we just have a show where everyone only fights once? Why does somebody have to appear twice? We saw this last week and will see it this week now as well.

Liv Morgan, Sarah Logan & Ruby Riott (Riott Squad) vs. Natalya, Bayley & Nikki Cross

For the previously announced 6-woman tag match, Natalya and Bayley got Nikki Cross as their partner. Michael Cole explained before the match that Cross will, like the other debuting talent, appear on both RAW and Smackdown before landing a home. As the match started, Nikki was acting crazy, doing the Ultimate Warrior rope shake at one point. Cross did a spot that I’ve always liked, where someone puts their opponent in-between the ring and the apron and then beat her. Bayley got the finish with an Elbow off the top rope to end the match. Lacey Evans was seen chatting backstage before the break.

Jinder Mahal w/ Sunil Singh vs. Finn Balor

Jinder Mahal got his wish, facing Finn Balor in the next match. Before the match, we saw Dean Ambrose backstage. He cut a promo on his Intercontinental Championship match which is later on. As Balor was making his entrance, he got jumped by Mahal. Balor did a dive to Mahal and Sunil Singh and then brought Mahal back into the ring for a Coup de Grace to end the match. What a busy few days it’s been for Balor, as he was just fighting on the NXT UK TakeOver: Blackpool show this weekend.

Bobby Lashley w/ Lio Rush, Seth Rollins & Dean Ambrose (Intercontinental Championship Match)

Before the match, we saw an interview with Seth Rollins. Rollins says that this might be his last chance at an IC title shot. He referenced Roman Reigns and his leukemia announcement, which feels very exploitive since it’s been months now. Early on in this match Lashley and Ambrose formed an alliance. After Rollins did a Suicide Dive to Ambrose and Lashley, Lio Rush got involved in the match. Rush got chased around by Rollins, making him get hit with a Spinebuster by Lashley. Ambrose got a Belly-to-Belly Suplex right after. After the break, Rollins was closing in on a victory. He pinned Ambrose but then got his pinfall broken up by Lio Rush. Since it’s a triple threat match, it was totally allowed. Rollins hit a Frogsplash on Lashley, and then Ambrose got rid of Rollins so he could pin Lashley. Rollins got hit with a Doomsday Device from both Lashley and Ambrose. Rollins, I think, was supposed to land on his feet but didn’t. He went off the ropes but fell out of the ring because of Lio Rush pulling down a rope. Lashley gave Ambrose a Spear to become the new champion.

While Ambrose and Rollins are in the middle of a rivalry, I think it’s a good time to give Lashley a push. Lio Rush is a big part of the Lashley gimmick right now, and he’s doing an amazing job. Rollins and Ambrose can survive as a rivalry without the need for a championship incentive. Backstage we see an employee giving Alexa Bliss a latte. Since she didn’t answer her door, he walked in uninvited and accidentally walks in on her changing. And that was it, that was the segment. Not sure why that was there.

“A Moment of Bliss” With Paul Heyman

Alexa Bliss hosted her second episode of “A Moment of Bliss” next. Before her interview with Paul Heyman, she unveiled the new Women’s Tag Team Championships. During the interview, Otis Dozovic from Heavy Machinery crashed the interview. He was brought backstage by his apologetic tag partner and other employees. This interview felt somewhat short, just like the first Alexa Bliss talk show episode.

Finn Balor vs. Baron Corbin vs. Drew McIntyre vs. John Cena

The main event of the evening is the fatal-four-way to decide Brock Lesnar’s new Royal Rumble opponent. In the storyline, Balor came in at a disadvantage because he already fought tonight. Cena hit an AA late into this match onto McIntyre, but Corbin broke up the pinfall. Cena did another AA later into the match onto Balor, this time off the second rope. Corbin started to use a steel chair. McIntrye gave Cena a Claymore kick, and then Balor came in to take out McIntrye. Balor gave Cena a Coup de Grace to win the match. Balor will face Lesnar at the Rumble. After the match, Cena said he believes Balor. Balor felt like the favourite for this match since he was considered the underdog by Vince McMahon, and because he had already fought a match. This was a good match to end the show with.

In general, this wasn’t a bad episode of RAW. Lashley winning the championship was a nice surprise, and we got some enjoyable matches on top of that. This episode tops last week’s by a longshot.

WWE RAW 1/7/19 Results and Review

Monday Night RAW started with a brawl backstage between Bobby Lashley and Seth Rollins. The brawl made its way onto the stage, along with the many people who were trying to separate it. After a little while, the fight got finally broken up. What was interesting about this segment was how there was no commentary the whole time. The commentary came in once John Cena came to the ring. Cena mentions that at Wrestlemania you either step up or get left out. He says he will step up because he doesn’t want to risk being left out, like last year. He then announces that he is officially entering himself into the Royal Rumble.

Drew McIntyre came out next and said that he is known for taking out legends. Cena didn’t believe him, so McIntyre said he would come in and show him. Before anything went down, Bobby Lashley and Lio Rush came out and said that this show is cancelled until Seth Rollins is handled. Rollins came from the back and the brawl continued. Seth Rollins and Cena joined the right. Balor did a run-in on McIntyre. We went to commercial break after this.

John Cena, Finn Balor & Seth Rollins vs. Bobby Lashley, Dean Ambrose & Drew McIntyre

As you could probably expect, this segment got turned into a 6-man tag match. Sort of cop-out to book 6-mans like this so often. Cena got a hot tag, against Ambrose, and was in there with him for a long time. Balor finally got a hot tag later on against Ambrose. He hit a Coup de Grace, but McIntyre came in with a Claymore Kick to stop Balor’s streak. Both Rollins and McIntyre got tagged in. Rollins did a Moonsault off the apron onto Lashley and Ambrose, and a Falcon Arrow for a two count. Rollins found himself in a bad position, but Cena came in to help, giving McIntyre an Attitude Adjustment. Lashley came in a Speared Cena, but Rollins Superkicked him. Rollins brought McIntyre back in the ring. He tried for a Frogsplash but McIntyre dodged. Ambrose got tagged in and tried for a Dirty Deeds but got hit with a Curbstomp by Rollins for the victory.

While this match went too long, it was some pretty good wrestling for the final few minutes. The crowd really seemed to get behind the babyface team at the end. I thought it was sort of lame how we had a decent match in McIntyre versus Cena that got pushed out of the way since they wanted to shove all these dudes in one segment. After the match, Rollins sees Triple H backstage talking to Sasha Banks and Bayley. This annoyed him because he wanted HHH to be watching. He went to HHH backstage and asked for a IC title match against Ambrose tonight. HHH books the match, in a Falls Count Anywhere match.

Gene Okerlund Tribute

At the start of the show, we had a tribute photo of “Mean” Gene Okerlund but got a proper tribute here. The segment started with a 10 bell salute for Okerlund. After that, Hulk Hogan came out. He introduced a video package that played. Hogan got emotional while speaking after the video played. For the last time, he cut a promo to Gene.

Scott Dawson & Dash Wilder (The Revival) vs. Bobby Roode & Chad Gable (Lumberjack Match) (RAW Tag Team Championship Match)

The second match on the show was The Revival versus Roode and Gable for the RAW tag titles. The crowd was dead silent during this match, and it felt really weird. There was a nice spot where Gable did a German Suplex into a pin, which was broken up by Dash Wilder who was coming off the top rope with a Frogsplash. The finish was a roll-up from Dawson being reversed into a pin by Chad Gable with the help of Roode. During the pin, Dawson had his foot on the rope but the ref did not see. The match ended in controversy. Renee Young referred to Ambrose as the “moral compass of RAW.” What does that even mean?

After a commercial break, we saw a video package for Lars Sullivan, Lacey Evans, Heavy Machinery, Nikki Cross & EC3. I don’t understand the idea of showing back to back video packages for five different acts. How is one of them, better yet any more than that, leaving a lasting memory for a fan?

Elias vs. Baron Corbin

Elias said before his match that he will win the Royal Rumble. Before he played a song for the crowd Baron Corbin came out, asking him to stop. After a little more of an exchange of words, these two started their scheduled bout. Elias did a dive off the top rope to the outside as the show went to commercials. Elias went to the top rope and tried for a move but Corbin dodged it. Corbin pushed Elias into the ref, and then gave him a punch when he turned around. He sent Elias into a corner-post and then hit an End of Days for the win.

Braun Stroman & Brock Lesnar Face-To-Face

The next segment was Braun Stroman face-to-face with Brock Lesnar. Stroman came out and saw Lesnar and Paul Heyman on the screen. Heyman says that Lesnar isn’t coming to the ring because if he did, he would hurt Stroman before their face off. Stroman tried to anger Lesnar to get him to the ring, but nothing worked. Eventually, Stroman said something that got Lesnar out there. Lesnar never came down to the ring, and that was really the segment.

Jinder Mahal & Alicia Fox w/ The Singh Brothers vs. Apollo Crews & Ember Moon

Before the next match, Jinder Mahal was insulting fans in the crowd. The match was quick, with Crews doing a dive to the outside, and Moon doing an Eclipse to Alicia Fox for the win.

“A Moment of Bliss” with Alexa Bliss

Alexa Bliss debuted her new talk show “A Moment of Bliss” in the next segment. The talk show took place on the stage, instead of most shows, which take place inside the ring. Alexa’s guest for the first episode was Ronda Rousey. During the segment, Nia Jax and Sasha Banks also came out. Banks challenges Ronda to a match. Nia tells her to get in line for a shot, so Banks comes to the ring and challenged her to a match.

Sasha Banks vs. Nia Jax

Despite Nia not seeming interested before the break, we came back and a match was made. This match had tons of crazy parts. There was a point where Banks tried for a Hurricanrana on the apron but instead just got thrown flat on the ground. Looked rough. Back in the ring, Sasha tried for a Banks Statement out of nowhere. Did she get hurt? Cause it felt like they just cut right to the end out of nowhere.

Seth Rollins vs. Dean Ambrose (Intercontinental Championship Match) (Falls Count Anywhere Match)

The main event of the show is Rollins versus Ambrose for the IC belt in a falls count anywhere match. From the start, Rollins was chasing Dean around the arena. The fight quickly went backstage. After a commercial break, the fight was on a staircase in the crowd. During the break, Rollins slammed Ambrose through the commentary table. Around the ring, Ambrose peeled off some of the mat outside the ring. A Dirty Deeds on the floor got reversed into a Back Bodydrop by Rollins. Back in the ring, Rollins did a Superplex into a Bucklebomb, and a Superkick. He then hit a Curbstomp, but when he went for the pin Bobby Lashley appeared to drag Seth out of the ring. He then beat up Seth, delivering a Spear, and then let Ambrose pin for the victory. The crowd seemed absolutely deflated after this.

The 09′ Revision: 2009 Royal Rumble Review

These days there is so much to watch. On Monday nights, there’s a three-hour episode of Monday Night RAW. Tuesdays, there’s Smackdown, and the many small shows that follow it (205 Live, Mixed Match Challenge, etc.). On Wednesday there is NXT, NXT UK and tournaments sometimes put on by WWE. Of course, there is also many PPV’s a year on Sundays as well. That just scratches the surface, as there are many promotions worth watching these days as well. You always have the chance to think about the past but you never get to relive it. It’s not that you physically can’t do so, because the WWE Network has nearly every show in their database. It’s that you don’t have the time. You’re too busy staying with the times to live in the past, even just a little. So, this is where this new series comes in. Looking back a decade you can see where the WWE was in 2009. Personally, I thought 2009 was the best year for me to do this. It’s the first full year that I started watching wrestling. I look back on the shows fondly, but who knows how they hold up, or if they were good in the first place. Since we will follow a timeline that started in January, the first review will be of the 2009 Royal Rumble.

Leading up to the Rumble there were many storylines that were taking shape even into the final segments of go-home shows. On RAW the main story that was carried out in the final weeks had no involvement in the Rumble. The go-home RAW ended with Randy Orton punting Vince McMahon in the head after frustration with Stephanie McMahon as a general manager. He was stretchered off as the show came to a close. Orton’s faction called “Legacy” which was himself and his two henchmen Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase had only formed recently. They were chosen to be in Randy’s group through tests. Sim Snuka would have been in the faction if it wasn’t for Cody getting the pinfall in a tag match against Cryme Tyme.

The RAW storyline that tied into the Rumble was John Cena versus JBL. JBL had recently hired Shawn Michaels as his client since Michaels had run into financial issues. This was their way of showing how Shawn had sold out. In the contract signing before this fight, Cena tried to convince Michaels that he is better than this.

Jeff Hardy’s life was being ruined by who everyone presumed was Edge. One week he was involved in a car crash, and the next week he got hit by pyrotechnics on his way to the ring for Edge’s talking segment “The Cutting Edge.”

In 2009 the commercialized version of ECW was on its final legs. The show died out in 2010 and turns into the original game show version of NXT. Heading into the Royal Rumble ECW had a new heel champion in Jack Swagger. Swagger defeated Matt Hardy on ECW TV two weeks before the PPV, using an exposed turnbuckle to help pick up the victory. Matt Hardy gets a rematch at the Royal Rumble. Also, the final match besides the Rumble itself was the WWE Women’s Championship being defended by Beth Phoenix against Melina. This feud seemed to play such a background role in the buildup to the PPV that I honestly didn’t even know it was on the card.

The opening of the Royal Rumble PPV had a compilation of old Rumble matches to the tune of “Let It Rock” by Kevin Rudolf. And also, despite Orton in any big matches, the video package diverts into the recent Orton rivalry. After that, we go right to the commentary table who say the show will go on despite Vince’s current condition. After that, we get the usual pyrotechnic show at the start. The no longer open Joe Louis Arena in Detroit, Michigan was the host for this event. The stage includes a road on the floor that leads to the ring. The Wrestlemania 25 logo is opposite to the stage, which is a tradition for WWE starting at the Rumble every year.

Matt Hardy vs. Jack Swagger (ECW Championship Match)

The first match on the show is Matt Hardy versus Jack Swagger. As mentioned before, this is Hardy’s rematch after being defeated on ECW TV two weeks before. Early on in the match, Matt was swarming Swagger, making him leave the ring for a breather at one point. After Swagger targeted Hardy’s left arm early on, Hardy was basically fighting with one and a half arms. Late in the match, Hardy hit a moonsault for a two count. After reversing many moves, Swagger threw Matt into the post, then hit a Gutwrench Powerbomb to retain the belt clean in 10:27. Hardy looked defeated, maybe even crying when leaving the ring. Not sure what made them think this would be a good way to start the show. It feels odd that Swagger felt the need to cheat in his first match against Matt yet cheat in this one. We went from thinking that Swagger was a cheating heel who wasn’t as good as a title would make most people, to cleanly considering him the champion. The match itself wasn’t horrible but just made no sense.

Melina vs. Beth Phoenix w/ Santino Marella (WWE Women’s Championship Match)

Before the next match, we see a clip of when Randy Orton entered the building tonight. I was surprised by how much they were playing up this storyline despite it not having much significance on this card. It becomes huge later in the year, but not right now. The next match was Melina versus Beth Phoenix. In this match Beth did some interesting submission where she stretched Melina’s leg backward, making her kick herself in the back of the head. Other than that, this match had nothing. Melina pulled a quick one and won the match via roll-up in 5:57 to become the new Women’s Champion. Feels like WWE got their two least interesting matches out of the way quickly.

JBL w/ Shawn Michaels vs. John Cena (World Heavyweight Championship Match)

Before our next match, we have a promo package recapping the relationship between Shawn Michaels and JBL. Backstage JBL promises Michaels that if he wins tonight Shawn will have a spot in the Rumble. As JBL leaves the room The Undertaker comes in and tells Michaels that “sometimes it’s hell gettin’ to heaven.” This is (I think) the first encounter between these two, which matters in the coming months. Despite this being RAW’s title match, it feels almost like an afterthought because of how much attention the Orton vs. McMahons segment is going. As the match was happening Michael was watching at ringside with a dead expression. JBL was having such early match success that the commentary team thought that Michaels might not have to do anything to help JBL win. Cena landed a Five Knuckle Shuffle then tried for an Attitude Adjustment only for JBL to escape. Moments later JBL found himself in an STF. Cena let go of the hold after Michaels distracted the ref by holding the ropes. After JBL escaped another AA, he accidentally kicked the ref, knocking him down. As the ref was down Michaels came into the ring and was set up to give a Sweet Chin Music. You expect him to give it to Cena, but instead, he gives it to JBL. Before leaving the ring he gives Cena a Sweet Chin Music as well. He put JBL’s arm over Cena, letting a ref that came from the back do the count. Cena surprisingly kicked out which let the match continue. Cena picked up JBL and hit an Attitude Adjustment to retain the WWE World Heavyweight Championship in 15:34.

The match was fought at a very slow speed but it was obvious to tell the story of Michaels at ringside. I can’t explain why Michaels seemingly changed his mind, but I can assume that will be explained in coming weeks. While I feel the reason that Michaels is in this storyline seems odd, I thought this specific match did a good job at explaining it. Besides the story, there wasn’t much to say about the wrestling.

Jeff Hardy vs. Edge w/ Chavo Guerrero (WWE Championship Match) (No Disqualification Match)

The next match was the biggest match coming from the Smackdown brand. Hardy got the unconventional champion first introduction which Jim Ross pointed out. Before Edge came out Vicky Guerrero came out and said that the match will now be a No Disqualification match. Chavo was at ringside in support of Edge.

Right out of the gates Jeff was all over Edge. Jeff was the first to test the no DQ rule by going for a chair but wasn’t able to use it. Edge became dominant after taking Hardy outside of the ring, including a spot where he hit Hardy’s head on each commentary table once. Hardy did a Twist of Fate on the ring apron which looked painful for Hardy. After that, he tore apart the RAW commentary table and took out a ladder. You can see what’s coming next. Hardy went to the top of the ladder but got distracted by Chavo Guerrero. Hardy did a Frogsplash off of the ladder onto Guerrero, who was on the table. This took Chavo out of the situation at least for the moment even though he was watching the match from a distance for most of the time. Hardy did a crossbody off the top rope to Edge for a two count. Edge tore a turnbuckle pad off of a corner and then tried using it, but Hardy instead used the corner for a Whisper In The Wind. Edge reversed a Twist of Fate into a DDT where Hardy kicked out too late, but in storyline kicked out in time. Edge was able to use his exposed turnbuckle while reversing a move for another close count. Edge was setting up for a Spear, but Hardy reversed it into a very informal Twist of Fate. Hardy then went to the top for a Swanton Bomb, with Vicky Guerrero trying to interfere. She failed to stop the move but pulled the ref out during the count. Matt Hardy came out with a chair in what looked like to be in support of Jeff. He gave Jeff a chair then went and got his own. He then hit Jeff in the head with his chair. This allowed Edge to get the win in 19:27. Matt left the arena with a deadpan expression.

Well, there’s your next big non-title Smackdown program. The match wasn’t amazing but the storytelling was well done. The commentary team gave the finish the silence treatment for a good minute which made it a little more dramatic. Chavo felt sort of useless in this match even when you take into account his commentary table spot. Him sitting there obediently for most of the match made sense because it was completely within the ruleset for him to intervene at any point. Backstage before the main event, Randy Orton is being interviewed. He is asked about if the McMahon’s will take legal action on Monday against him. Chris Jericho shoos off the interviewer. Jericho sides with Orton on the McMahons issue. Jericho says he thinks this is Orton’s last night working for the WWE. What I found interesting was what Dave Meltzer reported. In the Observer Newsletter a week after the show he said the plan was for Christian to interfere, but that was changed since it would be too obvious. There was even “we want Christian” chants at the start of the match.

2009 Royal Rumble Match

After playing the “By The Numbers” video, we had the main event of the evening, the Royal Rumble match. The first two entrants were 1. Rey Mysterio and 2. John Morrison. Mysterio found himself nearly eliminated early on but fought out of it and delivered a Crossbody and Huricanrana. Morrison almost got eliminated before the third entrant of the Rumble came in. Entrant number three was 3. Carlito. He did a Springboard Moonsault to Morrison early into his appearance. 4. MVP. MVP just picked up his first win in a long time this week on Smackdown. 5. The Great Khali. Khali did a spot where he beat everyone down individually then got his cheer in. Khali hit a Punjabi Plunge on Carlito. 6. Vladimir Kozlov. Kozlov battled Khali since they were the two biggest and standing guys in the ring. Kozlov made the first elimination of the match, taking out Khali. MVP got taken out after thinking he could mount an offense on Kozlov. Carlito was taken out moments later by Kozlov as well. 7. Triple H. The first big name of the match was Triple H. HHH took out Kozlov after they squared off for a minute. 8. Randy Orton. Orton went right after HHH while Morrison and Mysterio hung out at ringside. HHH reversed an RKO into a Pedigree, but the move was stopped by Morrison. Mysterio hit the 619 on Morrison. 9. JTG.  JTG comes in at #9 after winning a coin toss with Shad Gaspard. As JTG ran to the ring Shad found out both sides of the coin was a head. 10. Ted DiBiase. Despite Orton being near elimination DiBiase did not help him out.

#11. Chris Jericho. #12. Mike Knox. DiBiase and Orton might have figured out that they were a team because they strategize to both attack JTG. #13. The Miz. Orton hit an RKO on Morrison, Miz, JTG and then got hit with a Pedigree by HHH. Morrison and The Miz were both eliminated by HHH. #14. Finlay. Mysterio did a spot where he got thrown over the top but landed on the eliminated Miz and Morrison, but it was sort of missed because of Finlay’s entrance. #15. Cody Rhodes. Legacy was in full effect with Rhodes in the ring. Mysterio went off the top rope but was met by an RKO. #16. The Undertaker. The match came to a halt as The Undertaker came into the ring. He got a punch in on everyone in the ring. Undertaker eliminated JTG. #17. Goldust. Goldust battled with the weaker members of Legacy before being met with an RKO from Orton. Goldust was eliminated by Rhodes after he was instructed to do so by Orton. #18. CM Punk. He gave HHH a GTS shortly after his entrance. #19. Mark Henry. #20. Shelton Benjamin. Benjamin gave Punk and Jericho a Double DDT off of the top rope as they were both setting something up before.

#21. William Regal. Mark Henry got eliminated but it didn’t get covered. Regal went right after Punk as he lost his belt to him. #22. Kofi Kingston. A now bloodied Undertaker eliminated Shelton Benjamin. #23. Kane. There were too many people in the ring at this point. Mike Knox was still in there despite having no memorable spots. Kane and The Undertaker teamed up and Double Chokeslammed a DiBiase and Kingston. Regal got taken out by Punk, making Regal basically inferior to Punk at this point. #24. R-Truth. #25. Rob Van Dam. This was the first surprise entrant of the Rumble. He got a spotlight hitting tons of his signature spots. #26. The Brian Kendrick. Kendrick eliminated Kingston immediately but got eliminated right after by HHH. #27. Dolph Ziggler. Ziggler got thrown out by Kane after trying to shake his hand. Easy night for him. #28. Santino Marella. Marella broke the record for quickest Royal Rumble appearance with this spot, being taken out by Kane in roughly a second. #29. Hacksaw Jim Duggan. The second and final surprise entrant was Hacksaw Jim Duggan. He had another surprise entrance in the 2012 Rumble. #30. Big Show. The crowd seemed somewhat deflated as Big Show’s music hit.

Jim Duggan was eliminated by The Big Show after Duggan tried the opposite. Show threw R-Truth over the top rope over his head a minute or so later. You’d expect the build-up of people in the ring was for a big clearout spot when it was really for nothing. Punk got taken out of the match by a Knockout Punch by Show. Mysterio and Knox got eliminated after. Hornswoggle played as a distraction to help Finlay but got eliminated anyway. It was Kane that took him out. Orton gave HHH a draping DDT. Van Dam hit a Frogsplash but got thrown out by Jericho afterward. Jericho got taken out by Undertaker. Legacy teamed up to take Kane out of the match. Now there were only six left: Legacy, Big Show, The Undertaker, and HHH. After The Undertaker took out all of the little guys he had a face-off with The Big Show. Orton tried RKO’ing The Undertake while he was trying to eliminate The Undertaker. The Undertaker reversed it. Big Show got RKO’d onto the ropes, taking him out of the match. Big Show pulled Undertaker’s leg off of the mat, eliminating him as well. The two brawled to the back. The final four were Legacy and HHH. Of course, the three teamed up on HHH. He eliminated DiBiase and Rhodes, but in the process allowed himself to get eliminated by Orton. Randy Orton is your 2009 Royal Rumble winner in 58:50.

Orton a huge spotlight on this show. You could tell just by how much they were talking about Orton that he would win the Rumble. I can’t guess where the title picture goes from here on since Cena has the belt and Orton is feuding with the McMahons. If I had to predict, I would guess that something will happen at Elimination Chamber. I thought this was a decent Rumble match. They went pretty easy with the surprise entrants, with the only two being RVD and Jim Duggan. This was the first time that Legacy was operating as a full unit in a match, so not only did Orton get a push but his goons did as well. I didn’t understand the purpose of some guys just hanging around for so long. Mike Knox was an example where he was there for a long time but had no real purpose.

The top match besides the Rumble was Edge versus Hardy. Both big title matches shared a similar theme in that they weren’t based around the in-ring action. Both matches were all about the finish with the wrestling taking a bit of a background. The match to forget was, of course, Melina versus Beth Phoenix.