Giants Win After Scoring 10 Runs Against Twins Pitcher Lee Min-ho

Earning 10 runs in the first two innings, the Lotte Giants held onto their lead to defeat the LG Twins 12-6 on Monday. The make-up game played on a rare Monday was a win for the Giants, who played at their home park, the Sajik Baseball Stadium in Busan, South Korea.

Explosive Start For Giants Against Lee

The Giants put down 10 runs early, all of which came against starting pitcher Lee Min-ho. Earning only four outs in his appearance, Lee was given the loss for his start. The game gave him his highest single-game ERA in 2020, finishing with an inflated 67.50. His 2020 record is now 4-3.

The first run that was brought home came off of a hit from Lee Dae-ho. Two hits later, Dixon Machado took a ball into center field that took home two more runners.

Continuing the rally, hits from Kim Joon-tae, An Chi-hong and Son Ah-seop scored a run each in the first inning.

The second inning was a short one for starter Lee, who allowed four runs before being pulled. After a hit from Han Dong-hee took home a run, a two-run home run from Machado and a solo shot from Lee Byung-kyu took the team into double digits.

Twins Score Their Own

The Twins were able to score a fair amount of runs in the game, although it was never threatening the quickly attained lead that the Giants earned. Their first run came in the top of the second inning, as Yoo Kang-nam drove home a run.

Roberto Ramos was able to put down two more runs an inning later by hitting a two-run home run. Being his 31st of the season, Ramos currently sits second in the 2020 KBO season for most home runs.

Bringing in their fourth run, Oh Ji-hwan drove home a run in the fourth inning to make the game 10-4.

Giants starter Park Se-woong played until the fifth inning before being taken out of play. Park’s performance, a win, moved his 2020 record to 7-6. The game was his first win in 2020 over the Twins through two appearances.

Late Runs From Both Teams

Twins reliever Kim Dae-hyun struggled in the sixth inning, allowing one run overall after facing seven batters.

Jung Hoon left the game in the sixth inning after a pitch hit his left hand. He was down for a minute before heading back to the dugout.

A run was scored in the inning after a walk to Lee Byung-kyu forced a runner home.

Reliever Nam Ho struggled as well, allowing a run in the seventh inning. While Nam was able to finish the inning, he allowed a run off of a hit from Jeon Jun-woo.

The Twins scored runs late in the game against relievers. In the eighth, a hit from Jeong Keun-woo scored a runner against reliever Park Shi-young. Lee In-bok finished the inning and stayed in for the ninth as well.

While Lee finished the ninth, a run was scored in the inning as an error took base runner Kim Yon-yi home.

Giants Head To Changwon For Tuesday

The next week of play for the Giants will begin tomorrow, as the team is scheduled to play a two-game series against the top-ranked NC Dinos. On Thursday, the team will head back home for a two-game series against the Samsung Lions. The team will play a series on Saturday and Sunday against the SK Wyverns to cap off the week.

Error-Heavy Third Inning Allows Twins To Defeat Giants

Early runs scored due to a series of errors helped give the LG Twins a win on Sunday, defeating the hosting Lotte Giants 7-1. The game, which took place at the Sajik Baseball Stadium in Busan, South Korea, saw the Twins tack onto their lead after getting ahead early.

Starters Get Win and Loss Respectively

Both starting pitchers went six innings each, giving both pitchers a decision in the outing.

The six-inning outing from Adrian Sampson gave him his eighth loss of the season, moving his record to 5-8. Two runs were scored during Sampson’s performance, although neither were scored against him due to errors.

Earning his ninth win of the year, Twins starter Lim Chan-gyu allowed one run and three hits in his stint. Lim, like many of the pitchers in the Tigers’ starting rotation, has continued to put on a consistent season through 2020.

Twins Score Two To Get Ahead

The Twins scored in the third inning, putting down two runs in a rally of plays that brought runners on base. The first run came off of an error from Sampson that allowed Shin Min-jae to come around from second to home.

The errors only continued a mistake-heavy third inning that gave the Twins their lead.

A hit from Oh Ji-hwan in the next play took another runner home later in the inning.

Sole Run For Giants

The Giants scored their sole run in the fifth, as a hit from Jeon Jun-woo drove home Lee Byung-kyu. While a run scored on the play, the second runner to come home, An Chi-hong, was tagged out.

Lead Extended Late By Twins

The Twins tacked onto their previous lead later in the game. Oh, who earned an RBI earlier in the game, hit a two-run home run in the seventh inning against reliever Kim Dae-woo.

Pinch hitter Kim Ho-eun also contributed, batting home two runners in the eighth inning. The scoring came against Oh Hyun-taek.

Before Jang Won-sam was able to finish the game for the Giants, Lee Hyung-jong scored a solo home run.

Rare Monday Game To Be Played

The Giants continue to sit seventh in the KBO with a record of 48-47-1. Their second game against the Twins, which was set to happen today, will take place on Monday with a start time of 6:30PM KST (5:30AM EDT).

Around The KBO

A strong five-run inning in the fifth gave the Samsung Lions a lead that they could hold onto to defeat the NC Dinos 5-3.

A shutout performance for the SK Wyverns saw them finish their week with a win, defeating the Doosan Bears 10-0.

An explosive seven-run inning from the Kia Tigers won them their game, defeating the Hanhwa Eagles 8-4.

Keeping the lead they gained in the eighth inning, the KT Wiz were able to defeat the Kiwoom Heroes 8-7.



Giants and Tigers Take Game Each In Doubleheader

The Kia Tigers and hosting Lotte Giants won a game each in their doubleheader of matches on Friday. Their three-game series, which also saw the Tigers win on Thursday, took place at the Sajik Baseball Stadium in Busan, South Korea.

The afternoon game saw the Tigers win, with a solo home run late in the game giving the team 6-3 lead that wasn’t responded to by the Giants.

The evening matchup was a win for the Giants, with the home team winning 9-7, being able to answer back from late scoring attempts by the Tigers.

Home Run From Choi Gives Tigers Afternoon Win

The first run of the afternoon game came in early, as a ground ball from Tigers player Na Ji-wan drove home a runner. Another ground out scored a run in the fifth inning, this time coming off the bat of Preston Tucker.

Pinch hitter Choi Won-joon scored a run an inning later, hitting a ball into the outfield to make the game 3-0 for the Tigers. Despite starter Seo Jun-won being taken out of the game, the run was scored against him as he allowed runner Na Ji-wan to get on base.

The Giants battled back in the seventh and eighth inning, scoring runs in each. The seventh saw the end of Tigers starting pitcher Yang Hyun-jong’s run, as he was taken out of play after loading up the bases.

Relievers Hong Sang-sam and Lee Joon-young were able to share the rest of the inning, although they both walked home a run. In the eighth inning, a sacrifice fly from Lee Dae-ho tied up the game. The run was scored against Jung Hae-young.

The Tigers took the game in the ninth, as Choi Hyung-woo hit a three-run home run against closer Kim Won-joong. Due to the play, the game’s loss was given to Kim.

Jang Hyun-shik was given the win for the game after earning three outs in the eighth. A closing performance from Jeong Sang-hyun gave the Tigers pitcher his 11th save of the season.

Giants Hold On For Late Night Victory

While the Giants held the lead for most of the evening game, it was the Tigers who scored first. In the first inning, a hit from Choi Hyun-woo drove home a run.

In the second inning, the Giants tied up the game. Shin Bon-gi drove home a run to tie it up. An inning later, another run came in off of a ground ball from Heo Il.

Shin put down two more RBIs in the sixth inning, driving home two runs. This caused the end of starting pitcher Im Ki-young’s run in the game. Reliever Kim Myung-chan came in, although against the next batter, Lee Byung-kyu, he gave up a two-run home run to make the game 6-1.

Im was handed a loss for the game, moving his 2020 record to 6-8. Im’s record has moved into the negatives in the past two months due to a slump in his performance. His last win came in late July, and since then he has been given four losses through five appearances.

Giants pitcher Dan Straily was taken out of play after seven innings of work. Allowing four hits and one run, Straily also earned six strikeouts, moving his 2020 count to a league leading toll of 144. Straily’s 2020 record is now 10-4, making him the sixth pitcher in the KBO to reach double digits of wins.

The Tigers had a late push of runs in the eighth inning. Against releiver Koo Seung-min, a hit from Preston Tucker and a two-run home run from Choi Hyung-woo made the game 6-5. The home run for Choi ended a strong three-game series from him which saw a home run in each appearance.

Park Jin-hyung repalced Koo in the eighth, earning three outs and ending the inning without allowing any more runs.

Extending their lead, the Giants brought in three runs in the eighth inning. Their scoring started early, as a solo home run from Lee Dae-ho kicked off the inning against reliever Jang Hyun-shik.

Hits from Shin Bon-gi and Jung Hoon against Nam Jae-hyun later in the inning made the game 9-5.

Not being able to take back the game, the Tigers were able to score two runs late. Tucker, who drove home two runs in the eighth, took in two more with a hit against Giants closer Kim Won-joong, who had also played in the afternoon game.

Tigers Keep Lead Over Giants Following Series

Close in the standings, the three-game series between the Tigers and Giants ends with the Tigers one-and-a-half games ahead of the Giants for sixth in the KBO.

The Giants will stay home for their Saturday and Sunday games, playing the LG Twins for a series. Having played them six times this year, the Giants are tied 3-3 with the Twins in 2020.

The first pitch for Saturday’s KBO games is set for 5:00PM KST (4:00AM EDT).

Around The KBO

Sweeping a three-game series against the SK Wyverns, the KT Wiz won a doubleheader on Friday with scores of 10-2 and 7-5.

Lead by their starting pitcher, Kim Min-woo, who earned seven strikeouts in his six-inning performance, the Hanwha Eagles defeated the Kiwoom Heroes 7-1.

Consistent scoring for the Samsung Lions gave them a 12-5 win over the 2019 KBO Champions, the Doosan Bears on Friday.

After five hours and 18 minutes of play, the longest a game has gone in the 2020 KBO season so far, the NC Dinos and LG Twins tied 5-5.

Early Runs Allow Tigers To Coast Towards Win Over Giants

Early runs earned the Kia Tigers a win on Thursday, defeating the Lotte Giants 4-3. The team secured four runs in the first three innings, holding onto the lead to defeat the hosting Giants at the Sajik Baseball Stadium in Busan, South Korea.

The win was the third consecutive for the Tigers this week. Their streak of wins has allowed them to overtake the Giants for sixth in the KBO. Following their Thursday win, the Tigers sit one-and-a-half games ahead of the Giants in the standings.

Noh Gives Up Four Runs In Appearance

Giants starter Noh Kyung-eun was pulled in the sixth inning, with his appearance giving him his sixth loss of the season. The veteran starter recorded six strikeouts in his stint. Noh allowed all of the runs that the Tigers scored in the game.

The first run was driven in by Choi Hyung-woo, who hit a solo home run in the first inning. Choi earned his 13th home run of the season, doing so while wearing a facemask, something that has been seen often in the MLB but not so much in the KBO.

Another home run came an inning later, this time coming off of the bat of Kim Min-sik.

The final runs for the Tigers came in the third inning, as hits from Choi Hyung-woo and Yoo Min-sang scored a run each, taking the game to a 4-0 score.

Giants Shorten Lead

The Giants kicked off their scoring in the fourth inning, recording two runs and narrowing the lead that the Tigers had. The runs were taken home by Han Dong-hee, who drove home two runners off of a hit into the outfield.

The final run for the Giants came much later in the game, with Jeon Jun-woo hitting a ball into the outfield, allowing Son Ah-seop to get home.

Gagnon Records Eighth Win

Tigers starter Drew Gagnon had a strong performance in the game, allowing two runs before being pulled after the seventh inning. Being awarded the win for the game, Gagnon moved his 2020 record to 8-5, making himself the third pitcher in the club to reach eight wins.

The ninth-inning performance from Jeon Sang-hyun earned the Tigers closer his 10th save of the season.

Tigers and Giants Prepare For Doubleheader

Making up for a cancelled game from earlier in the season, the Tigers and Giants will play a doubleheader of games on Friday. The first game is set to happen at 3:00PM KST (2:00AM EDT), with the second game happening set for 6:30PM KST (5:30AM EDT).

Around The KBO

Scoring six runs in the first two innings, the KT Wiz held onto their lead to defeat the SK Wyverns 6-2.

The LG Twins made an eighth-inning comeback, as a three-run home run from Park Yong-taik gave the team a 6-5 win over the NC Dinos.

A high-scoring, back-and-forth game went to the Samsung Lions on Thursday, after hits from Koo Ja-wook and Daniel Palka gave the team their lead back, defeating the Doosan Bears 11-10.

Scoring six runs against starter Chad Bell, the Kiwoom Heroes earned a 6-5 win against the Hanhwa Eagles on Thursday.

Sampson Has Longest Outing For Giants In Win Against Eagles

Winning their second game over the Hanhwa Eagles this week, early runs for the Lotte Giants helped earn them a 6-2 victory on Sunday. The win was the last of the team’s weeklong homestretch at the Sajik Baseball Stadium in Busan, South Korea.

The game saw the Giants get ahead early with four runs, earning the team a lead that the Eagles were not able to catch up to.

A seven-inning appearance from Giants starter Adrian Sampson earned him a win. Moving his record to 5-7, the game was the longest appearance in 2020 from Sampson.

Giants Get Up By Four

The Giants started to score in the second inning, putting down four runs before shifting back to defence.

The first two runs came off of a hit from Oh Yoon-suk, moving the bench player’s 2020 RBI tally to nine. Jung Hoon took Oh home in the following at-bat.

Later in the inning, a wild pitch from Warwick Saupold went behind the catcher, allowing Jung to get around from second base to home.

Eagles Respond

The Eagles started to fight back in the fourth, starting with a hit from Brandon Barnes that brought home a run. The play continued a hot streak for Barnes which has seen him earn an RBI in his last four games.

An inning later, a hit from Noh Soo-kwang made the game 4-2.

Giants Score Late Runs

The Giants scored insurance runs later in the game, After the removal of Saupold from the mound, Kim Joon-tae batted in a runner in the sixth inning. An inning later, Han Dong-hee grounded out, giving runner Jeon Jun-woo to score. The run came against reliever Kim Jong-soo, who had appeared in the inning before as well.

Saupold Continues To Struggle Against Giants

Saupold was given a loss for this five-and-one-third innings performance. The loss was his fourth against the Giants this year, moving his overall season record to 6-11.

Giants Retain Sixth Place

Winning half of their games this week, the Giants were able to retain their sixth place in the KBO after losing it mid-week. The team will hit the road on Tuesday following a long homestretch.

Their next week of play will kick off against the KT Wiz, playing a two-game series against the team. On Thursday, the team will return home for a two-game series against the Kia Tigers. Finishing off the week, the team will host the LG Twins on Saturday and Sunday.

Around The KBO

Picking up their game that was delayed on Saturday, the Doosan Bears and LG Twins played to a 5-5 tie. Their second game of the day saw the Twins win 4-1.

The KT Wiz and the Kia Tigers took a game each in their Sunday doubleheader. The afternoon game went to the Wiz, giving Odrisamer Despaigne a win in an 8-5 game. The evening matchup saw the Tigers win 7-5.

Earning five runs against starter Lee Geon-wook, the NC Dinos held onto their lead to win 7-4 over the SK Wyverns.

The Kiwoom Heroes took the lead in a game they were previously trailing after a hit from Lee Ji-young drove home two runs. The team won 3-2 over the Samsung Lions.

Giants Retain Lead Despite Late Push From Eagles

Holding onto a lead they developed in the first half of their game, the Lotte Giants were able to secure a 9-7 victory over the Hanhwa Eagles on Saturday. The win came at the home field of the Giants, the Sajik Baseball Stadium in Busan, South Korea.

The win was an important one for the Giants, pushing them back up to the fragile sixth-place in the KBO. The team overtook the Kia Tigers, who had their Saturday matchup against the KT Wiz rained out.

Giants Put Down Eight Runs

The Giants put down their lead early, earning eight runs before the Eagles started to return with scoring plays.

The first run came from Son Ah-seop in the first inning, hitting his seventh home run of the year.

Another home run kicked off the third inning rally, with Jung Hoon taking a ball into the outfield. A few batters later, a sacrifice fly from Lee Dae-ho drove home another run.

A hit into the outfield from Dixon Machado brought in two more runs, moving the score to 5-0.

Eagles starter Kim Ee-whan was taken out of play after walking two consecutive batters. Kim got the loss for the game, making his 2020 record a negative 1-4.

While reliever Ahn Young-myung finished the inning, he also walked home a run, ending the inning with a 6-0 score.

Ahn stayed in the game for the next inning, where he gave up two more runs. Lee was able to score a two-run home run against Ahn, tallying down his second and third RBIs for the game.

Eagles Make Game Closer Than Before

The Eagles finally started to answer back in the fifth inning, as a solo home run from Noh Si-hwan put the team on the board.

The team put themselves just barely behind the Giants in the score in the sixth inning, scoring many runs. After a hit from Brandon Barnes took home another run, Lee Sung-yeol scored a three-run home run to make the score 8-5.

Straily Allows Runs Late In Winning Performance

Giants starter Dan Straily was able to finish the game before being taken out of play. Despite allowing some runs late in his performance, Straily earned the win, making his 2020 record 9-4. The game saw him earn 11 strikeouts, one short of his best one-game 2020 record of 12.

Bringing the game to a one-run deficit, a hit from Eagles player Jung Jin-ho made the game 8-7 in the seventh inning. The first run came off of the hit, with the second in the play being helped by a fielding error. The runs were scored against Park Jin-hyung, a pitcher who was replaced by Koo Seung-min before the inning concluded.

Giants player Machado scored an insurance run in the seventh inning, hitting a home run to move the game to its final score of 9-7.

Giants End Week Against Eagles on Sunday

The Giants will host the Eagles for another game on Sunday, concluding their week-long homestretch in Busan. The first pitch for Sunday’s games is set for 5:00PM KST (4:00AM EDT).

Around The KBO

Hits from Park Hae-min and Kim Sang-su allowed the Samsung Lions to get the lead late, defeating the Kiwoom Heroes 5-4.

Getting their fourth win of the week, the NC Dinos won a game 9-5 against the SK Wyverns.

The KBO saw two games taken off of their Saturday schedule.

A 2-0 lead for the Doosan Bears over the LG Twins was put on hold due to rain. The game will be picked up on Sunday, along with the scheduled Sunday game between the teams.

A game between the KT Wiz and the Kia Tigers in Gwangju was rained out. Because of this, the teams are set to play a doubleheader tomorrow. The first game has a special start time of 2:00PM KST (1:00AM EDT).

Heroes Battle Back Late To Earn Win Over Giants

The Kiwoom Heroes climbed back in the final three innings of a game versus the Lotte Giants on Friday, regaining a lead to win 8-4. The win, which was the second-straight for the Heroes in the series, came at the home field of the Giants, the Sajik Baseball Stadium in Busan, South Korea.

The game was a close one that didn’t see the Heroes take the lead until the eighth inning. Their scoring innings before saw them catching up to the Giants.

Teams Tied Through Four

The Giants took a lead in the first inning after a hit from Lee Dae-ho drove home a runner.

The Wyverns answered back in the second, tying the game up after a solo home run from Kim Woong-bin. Responding later in the inning was Dixon Machado, who put the Giants ahead again with a solo home run of his own.

Tying it up yet again, baserunner Byeon Sang-kwon got home for the Wyverns in the third inning after a passed ball.

Giants starter Seo Jun-won was taken out of the game following the third inning.

Giants Take Two-Run Lead

Before the Wyverns took back the game for good, the Giants gained a lead in the fifth inning. After Jeon Jun-woo hit a two-run home run, the Giants moved to a 4-2 lead.

Heroes starter Yoon Jung-hyun was taken out of play later in the inning.

Heroes Have Three-Inning Rally To Win

The first of three innings that went strictly the way of the Wyverns was the seventh inning. After Choi Jun-yong allowed two runners on base, a sacrifice fly from Seo Keon-chang and a hit from Kim Hye-sung against reliever Koo Seung-min tied the game up.

With Koo still in the game in the eighth, a hit from Jeon Byung-woo took home a run that gave the Wyverns the lead. Koo allowed Jeon Byung-woo to get on base, a runner who was driven home by Kim Woong-bin once another reliever, Kim Dae-woo, took the mound.

Koo was given the loss for the game, making his 2020 record 4-1.

Furthering the game to its final score of 8-4, Kim Ha-seong hit a two-run home run in the ninth inning for the Heroes. The run came against Lee In-bok, who was taken out later in the inning for Oh Hyun-taek.

As Giants Drop, Heroes See Potential To Take First

The game was an important one for both teams in the standings.

After success earlier in August saw the Giants climb from eighth in the KBO to sixth, the team has now dropped down to seventh. With a 45-43-1 record, the Giants were overtaken on Friday by the Kia Tigers, who won their Friday game to make their record 47-44.

The Heroes could potentially take first place in the KBO this weekend, as the team’s win on Friday put them only half-a-game behind the first-place NC Dinos.

Giants To Wrap Up Week Against Eagles

The Heroes will head back home for their final two games of the week, hosting a small two-game series against the Samsung Lions.

Finishing off their week-long homestretch, the Giants will play a series on Saturday and Sunday against the Hanhwa Eagles.

The first pitch for Saturday’s games is set for 6:00PM KST (5:00AM EDT).

Around The KBO

Scoring six runs against NC Dinos starter Kim Jin-ho, the Doosan Bears were able to finish with an 11-4 score on Friday.

While the SK Wyverns were able to have a seven-run rally in the eighth inning, the team couldn’t catch up to the lead the Kia Tigers had before, allowing them to win 11-8.

A tied 5-5 game went into extra innings to find a winner, with a sacrifice fly from Jang Joon-won being the reason the deciding run came in for the LG Twins, who won against the KT Wiz.

A game between the Samsung Lions and the hosting Hanhwa Eagles was rained out.


Heroes Score Eight Runs Against Noh To Defeat Giants

A high-scoring game went to the Kiwoom Heroes on Thursday, defeating the hosting Lotte Giants 11-6. The game saw a close score lead by the Heroes early, with the team pulling ahead for good in the fourth inning.

The loss for the Giants continued their week-long homestretch of games from the Sajik Baseball Stadium in Busan, South Korea.

Teams Exchange Runs For First Third of The Game

The Heroes were able to maintain a one-run lead through the early innings, as they got ahead early in the first inning with a solo home run from Kim Ha-seong.

In the next inning, Byeon Sang-kwon drove home the second run for the Wyverns. Later in the second inning, Giants player Kim Joon-tae got a hit, allowing a runner to get home and make the game 2-1.

In the third inning, Addison Russell picked up an RBI after taking in a runner off of a hit. Answering back again for the Giants, Heo Il drove home a runner in the third inning.

Heroes Take Game Out of Reach

The biggest inning in the game for the Heroes was the fourth, scoring five runs to pull ahead to a lead that the Giants never came close to overtaking. The rally of at-bats saw the entire lineup come to the plate for the Heroes. Scoring two runs each off of hits was Byeon Sang-kwon and Russell, with Kim Ha-seong batting in a run as well. The team had an 8-2 lead following the top of the fourth inning.

Shortening the lead, Giants player Son Ah-seop picked up an RBI later in the inning.

Noh Given Fifth Loss In 2020

An inning later, Giants starter Noh Kyung-eun was taken out of play. Being given his fifth loss of the season, Noh’s record moved to 4-5.

The win for the game went to Im Gyu-bin, who appeared in the third and fourth inning for the Heroes. Kim Tae-hoon pitched the first two innings, although he had a short stint as the pitcher usually plays in a reliever position.

Heroes Put Down Insurance Runs

The Heroes further moved their lead in the seventh inning after solo home runs from Heo Jeong-hyeop and Jeon Byung-woo. The runs came against Oh Hyun-taek, who was taken out of the game before the end of the inning.

The team was able to tack their last run down in the ninth, as Kim Gyu-min batted in a runner.

Late Runs Not Enough For Giants

A late push of runs came from the Giants in the ninth inning, although it was not enough to make the game close. Hits from Shin Yong-su and An Chi-hong scored three runs, making the game 11-6. Playing the entire inning, closer Park Seung-joo was able to survive past the runs and finish the inning with a strikeout.

Giants Risk Dropping Below Tigers

While they did not lose their sixth-place KBO spot on Thursday, the Giants sit only half-a-game ahead of the Kia Tigers, who have a record of 46-44.

The Giants will host the Heroes one more time this week before kicking off a two-game series against the Hanhwa Eagles. Friday’s game is scheduled for 6:30PM KST (5:30AM EDT).

Around The KBO

The LG Twins won a shutout 2-0 game over the KT Wiz lead by starting pitcher Kim Yun-sik, who allowed only two hits through six innings.

In his longest appearance of the year, starter Chad Bell pitched seven scoreless innings for the Hanwha Eagles, who defeated the Samsung Lions 7-0.

The SK Wyverns earned a win on Thursday, defeating the Kia Tigers 10-4.

Scoring four runs in the first inning, the NC Dinos got ahead early and maintained their success to the end, defeating the Doosan Bears 8-2.

Eighth Inning Runs Give Giants Low Scoring Win Over Wyverns

A low-scoring game went to the Lotte Giants on Wednesday, who defeated the SK Wyverns 3-1 following a two-run play in the eighth inning. The game tied up the two-game series between the teams, hosted by the Giants at the Sajik Baseball Stadium in Busan, South Korea.

The deciding runs were brought on base against reliever Kim Jung-bin in the eighth inning. When Seo Jin-yong took the mound to replace him, a hit from Son Ah-seop drove home Shin Bon-gi and An Chi-hong to give the Giants the lead.

Kim was given the loss for his eighth-inning appearance, moving his 2020 record to 1-1.

Giants and Wyverns Score One Run Each Early

Earlier in the game, the Giants had a short lead of just one run. The Wyverns answered back eventually, tying the game up.

The Giants gained a short lead in the first inning after Dixon Machado batted in Han Dong-hee.

The Wyverns tied the game up in the sixth inning after Kim Sung-min hit a no-doubter home run into left field.

Park Has Longest Outing of 2020 So Far

Although Giants starting pitcher Park Se-woong wasn’t given the win for the game, his seven-inning performance was a season benchmark, being the longest appearance he has had in 2020. He earned six strikeouts in the stint while allowing only three hits.

The win for the game went to Giants pitcher Koo Seung-min, who appeared in the eighth inning for the team. The ninth-inning performance from closer Kim Won-joong gave him his 14th save of the year.

Giants Stay At Home To Face Wyverns

With their two-game series concluded against the Wyverns, the Giants will stay at home and begin a series against the Kiwoom Heroes on Thursday. Having faced each other 12 times this season, the Giants and Heroes are tied 6-6 currently.

Around The KBO

Getting their second win this week over the Hanhwa Eagles, the NC Dinos won 9-5.

While the Samsung Lions were able to score five runs in the first inning, the LG Twins battled back to win 8-5.

While both teams scored in the ninth inning, the Kia Tigers were able to retain their lead and defeat the Doosan Bears 7-5.

A tied game went to the KT Wiz on Wednesday after a hit from Hur Do-hwan drove home a runner, giving the team a walk-off 6-5 win against the Kiwoom Heroes.

Seventh Inning Rally Gives Wyverns Win Over Giants

Kicking off their week of play with a win, the SK Wyverns won a back-and-forth game of baseball 10-8 over the Lotte Giants on Tuesday. The win was the first of a homestretch for the Giants at the Sajik Baseball Stadium in Busan, South Korea.

The game saw big swings in momentum at points. The Wyverns took the lead early, although the Giants were able to come back and even take the lead of the game at one point before the Wyverns took over yet again.

Wyverns Get Three To Start Lead By Romak

The Wyverns had an explosive first inning, as a three-run home run from Jamie Romak put the team on the board.

The team scored three more in the fifth inning. The first came off the bat of Choi Jeong, scoring one run. Romak scored another home run in the inning to bring in two more runs, carrying the game to a 6-0 score.

Giants Battle Back, Take Lead

The Giants scored their first run later in the inning, as a hit from Son Ah-seop brought in a run.

The game became close in the sixth inning after the Giants mounted a comeback. After walks forced two runs home, Son hit a grand slam to make the game 7-6 for the Giants. Kim Tae-hoon was the first reliever for the Wyverns in the inning, with Kim Se-hyun taking over after the first run was walked home.

Wyverns Have Strong Seventh

The biggest turning point in the game was the seventh inning, as troubles with Giants pitching allowed the Wyverns to have a rally.

After Romak scored a run against pitcher Park Jin-hyung, the second pitcher of the inning, a hit from Jeong Eui-yoon took three runners home to make the game 10-7. The runs came against Koo Seung-min, the third pitcher in the inning to appear.

Park was given the loss for his performance in the seventh inning.

The win for the Wyverns went to reliever Kim Jung-bin, who pitched in the seventh and eighth innings. Following him saw Seo Jin-yong, who was given his third save of the season for his closing performance.

The Giants were able to get one more run on the board in the game, as Han Dong-hee drove home a run in the ninth inning.

Giants Risk Losing Sixth

Losing to kick off the week of play, the Giants had their record bumped down to 44-41-1 for the 2020 season. The win puts them in a fragile place while sixth in the KBO, as the team is now only half-a-game behind the seventh-place Kia Tigers, who have a record of 45-43.

The Giants will host the Wyverns one more time this week, with their Wednesday game beginning at 6:30PM KST (5:30AM EDT).

Around The KBO

The Samsung Lions took the lead in a tied 3-3 game on Tuesday against the LG Twins after a solo home run from Daniel Palka put the team ahead. The game was Palka’s second as a Lion, as he joined the KBO last week.

A dominating performance saw the top-ranked NC Dinos steamroll the Hanhwa Eagles 11-3.

Regaining the lead late, a hit from Choi Joo-hwan drove home two runs for the Doosan Bears in the eighth inning and helped give the team a 10-8 win over the Kia Tigers.

Holding onto runs they scored early, the Kiwoom Heroes defeated the KT Wiz 4-1.