Giants Finish Season With Lopsided Win Over Tigers

The Lotte Giants closed out their 2020 season on Friday with a 13-2 win over the Kia Tigers. The win for the team closed out a week-long series of games at the Sajik Baseball Stadium in Busan, South Korea.

The win for the Giants saw them take over a tied game in the sixth inning, kicking off a three-stint marathon of scoring that made the score look lopsided by the end.

The Giants were the first to score in the game, as Jeon Jun-woo hit a solo home run in the third inning.

The Tigers took their only lead within the game in the fourth inning, as a hit from Kim Min-sik scored two runners.

The Giants tied the game up in the fifth inning, as a sacrifice fly ball from Lee Dae-ho scored a runner.

Giants Take Game Over In Sixth

The sixth inning was the first inning where it was clear that the Giants would take over the game. The scoring kicked off with a two-run home run from Han Dong-hee.

Another run came in off of a hit from Jeon later in the inning.

The rally from the Giants caused the end of starting pitcher Drew Gagnon’s stint. Being given the loss in his last appearance of 2020, Gagnon finished the season with a record of 11-8.

Lee scored another run for the Giants before the inning finished, taking a runner home off of a hit.

Giants Pile On More Runs

The scoring only continued in the seventh inning. Dixon Machado put down two runs with a home run, his 12th of the season. The runs came against reliever Kim Hyun-joon, who was replaced by Park Jin-tae before the inning finished.

Jung Hoon got on the board later in the inning, driving a runner home with  a hit.

Home runs from Lee Byung-kyu and An Chi-hong kicked off the eighth inning for the Giants. Hits from Han Dong-hee and Son Ah-seop took the game to its final score of 13-2.

Strong Showing By Sampson

Giants starter Adrian Sampson finished his rocky season on a high note, playing seven innings and only allowing two runs for a win. The game was only the second time in the season he pitched seven innings in one game.

Being given the win for the game, Sampson finished his 2020 season with a record of 9-12.

Giants Finish Season With Improved Seventh Place, Although Without A Playoff Spot

The Giants finished their 2020 season with a record of 71-72-1, placing them seventh in the league. While being two spots short of making the playoffs, the season is an improvement from the year before, where a 48-93-3 record put them last in the league.

The Tigers also finished the season without a playoff spot, with their 2020 record of 72-71 putting them sixth in the league. The team was not close to making the wild card spot, being eight-games behind the fifth-place Kiwoom Heroes.

Around The KBO

The close standings in the KBO for the second to fifth-ranked teams caused a dramatic final full gameday of the season.

The LG Twins had a disastrous final game of the season. Losing to the SK Wyverns 3-2, the Twins dropped from third in the league down to fourth. The implications for the loss mean the Twins won’t bypass the first round of the playoffs and instead will have to face the Kiwoom Heroes in the wild card series, which starts on November 1st.

Lead by starting pitcher Raul Alcantara, the Doosan Bears won a shutout 2-0 game over the Kiwoom Heroes. The win bumped the team up to third in the standings, allowing them to have a bye in the first round of the playoffs. The loss solidified the Heroes’ spot in the wild card round of the playoffs.

The Hanhwa Eagles finished their last-place season with an upset, defeating the KT Wiz 4-3. The Wiz will pass through the first two rounds of the playoffs, playing for a spot in the Korean Series later in November.

The top-ranked NC Dinos tied a game 4-4 against the Samsung Lions after 12 innings of play. The game saw the first start for star pitcher Koo Chang-mo after an injury took him out in July. Koo pitched five innings, giving up three runs before being pulled.

Dinos Dominate Giants For Second-Straight Game

The NC Dinos took another blowout victory over the Lotte Giants on Thursday, defeating the team 11-4. The game, hosted by the Giants at the Sajik Baseball Stadium in Busan, South Korea, saw the Dinos get up by 10 runs before the Giants scored.

The top-ranked Dinos scored 10 runs in the first four innings of play. The first four runs came in the opening frame against starting pitcher Lee Seung-heon. Hits from No Jin-hyuk, Kang Jin-sung and Ji Suk-hoon all scored runs in the inning.

Lee was pulled an inning later. The short appearance was enough to give Lee the loss for the game, making his 2020 record 3-2.

The scoring picked back up in the third inning for the Dinos. The team put down three more runs in the inning. The scoring started with a two-run home run from Yang Eui-ji which made the score 6-0. Later in the inning, a hit from Kim Chan-hyung scored another run.

The lead moved into double digits an inning later after Na Sung-bum hit a home run and hits from Aaron Altherr and Kang Jin-sung scored runs.

Dinos pitcher Drew Rucinski was taken out of play after five innings. Leaving the Giants scoreless in his appearance, Rucinski was given his 19th win of the season.

The final run from the Dinos came in the eighth, as No Jin-hyuk drove home a runner with a hit.

Giants Score Runs Late

The Giants started to score late in the game, putting runs down against reliever Ryu Jin-wook in the seventh inning. Han Dong-hee scored the first run for the team with a solo home run.

A sacrifice fly ball later in the inning from Son Ah-seop scored another runner.

Two errors allowed runs to score against the Dinos in the eighth inning.

Giants To Finish Season on Friday

The Giants will finish their 2020 season on Friday with a game against the Kia Tigers. The first pitch for that game, as well as the others scheduled for Friday, is set for 6:30PM KST (5:30AM EDT).

Around The KBO

The KT Wiz won a nearly one-sided performance on Thursday, defeating the Hanhwa Eagles 12-1.

After putting down five runs in the opening inning, the Doosan Bears cruised to a 9-2 win over the Kia Tigers.

Top-Ranked Dinos Score Six Runs Against Choi To Hand Giants Loss

The NC Dinos handed the Lotte Giants a decisive loss on Wednesday, finishing the game with a 7-1 score to kick off a two-game series. The game was hosted by the Giants at the Sajik Baseball Stadium in Busan, South Korea.

The Dinos gained a three-run lead early in the game against starting pitcher Choi Young-hwan. The first run was a hit in the first inning by Na Sung-bum, allowing a runner to get home.

In the third inning, a three-run home run from Yang Eui-ji gave the team a 3-0 lead.

While Choi was pulled in the fourth inning, the three runs scored in the frame were scored against him as he loaded up the bases before his departure. The inning culminated with a hit from Yang which allowed the loaded bases to reach home for the Dinos.

The game was only the sixth appearance of the year for Choi, who had only appeared as a reliever previously. Being handed the loss for his start, Choi has a 0-1 record in 2020.

The Giants scored their sole run in the game in the third, as a solo home run from Dixon Machado was hit against Song Myung-gi. Song pitched five innings in total before being taken out of the game.

The Dinos were able to put down one more run in the sixth inning as a fielding error allowed Kim Chan-hyung to reach home.

The Giants are scheduled to host a second game against the top-ranked Dinos on Thursday, with first pitch scheduled to 6:30PM KST (5:30AM EDT).

Around The KBO

Needing 11 innings to find a winner, a hit from Song Kwang-min in the 11th inning scored a runner and gave the Hanhwa Eagles a win, defeating the LG Twins 7-6.

The Kia Tigers won in walk-off fashion, as a hit from Preston Tucker scored a run in the 10th inning and gave the team a 4-3 win against the KT Wiz.

Jeon Hits Walk-Off Run To Give Giants Win Over Wyverns In One-Run Game

The Lotte Giants kicked off their final week of play with a walk-off 1-0 victory over the SK Wvyerns. The sole run of the game from a home run in the ninth inning came from Jeon Jun-woo, earning the Giants the win at their home park, the Sajik Baseball Stadium in Busan, South Korea.

The home run from Jeon, his 25th of the season, came against reliever Lee Tae-yang, who was given the loss for the game. Lee had pitched the inning before the home run as well.

Tuesday’s game was the eighth win for the Giants against the Wyverns this season out of 16 meetings.

The win for the game went to Kim Won-joong, who pitched the ninth inning for the Giants. The closer now has a 5-4 record along with 25 saves in 2020.

Leaving the game scoreless for seven innings each, starting pitchers Ricardo Pinto and Noh Kyung-eun both had good appearances on the mound.

Wyverns pitcher Pinto earned six strikeouts in his appearance, only allowing two hits through 106 pitches.

Noh allowed four hits while earning three strikeouts for the Giants.

The Giants will play their next two games against the top-ranked NC Dinos, who have clinched a fast-track to the 2020 Korean Series with a record of 81-54 so far.

The first pitch for Wednesday’s games is 6:30PM KST (5:30AM EDT).

Around The KBO

Pinch hitter Kim Min-hyeok gave the KT Wiz a final inning lead with a two-run home run, earning the team a 7-6 lead to defeat the Kia Tigers.

Lead by starting pitcher Chris Flexen, the Doosan Bears won a shutout 3-0 game over the Hanhwa Eagles.

The Samsung Lions put on a dominating performance over the NC Dinos to start the week, defeating the team 12-2.

Dinos Earn 12th Win Over Giants, Defeat Team With Five-Run Lead

The Doosan Bears won a game 6-1 on Tuesday after scoring six runs over Lotte Giants pitcher Adrian Sampson. The game, which was hosted by the Giants at the Sajik Baseball Stadium in Busan, South Korea, was a one-off to make up for a previously rained out game in the season.

The five runs scored against Sampson came in the second inning. After hits from Kim Jae-ho and Jo Su-haeng scored three runs in total, Jung Soo-bin hit a two-run home run to move the team up to 5-0.

Despite the onslaught in the second inning, Sampson was able to stay in the game until the sixth inning. Being given a loss for the game, Sampson’s 2020 record is now 8-11.

The Giants avoided a shutout, scoring one run in the ninth inning against closer Hong Gun-hee. The run came from a hit of Jeon Jun-woo’s that took home a runner.

The win for the game went to Bears pitcher Christ Flexen, who had a near-flawless seven-inning performance. Flexen allowed only three hits in his stint, recording 12 strikeouts in the game, his second-best in 2020.

Giants Remain Far From Wild Card Spot

Chances remain slim for the Giants to make the playoffs. The team now sits seven games behind the wild card spot, which is currently held by the KT Wiz.

The Giants are scheduled to play five more make-up games in the week. The team will play their next three games in Incheon against the SK Wyverns. After that, they will play another game against the Bears and one versus the KT Wiz.

Around The KBO

Although the KT Wiz had a late-game push of four runs, the LG Twins stopped their momentum and kept their lead, winning 7-6.

A high-scoring victory for the NC Dinos saw them prevail 13-3 over the Kia Tigers.

While the SK Wyverns scored first, putting two runs down in the first inning, the Samsung Lions accumulated 12 runs through nine innings to win 12-2.

Twins Take Win Against Giants, Evade Three-Game Sweep

The LG Twins took a game over the Lotte Giants on Thursday, defeating the team 6-2. The win saw the Twins bounce back from two previous losses to the Giants at the Sajik Baseball Stadium in Busan, South Korea.

The Twins gained a one-run lead in the fourth inning, putting down runs later in the game to put the team ahead enough to secure a victory.

Twins Gain Four-Run Lead

The Giants scored the first run of the game, as a hit from Jeon Jun-woo took home a runner early.

The Twins answered back in the third inning, with a ground ball from Oh Ji-hwan giving Yoo Kang-nam the chance to reach home.

A solo home run from Chae Eun-sung in the next inning put the Twins ahead by a run.

The biggest inning for the Twins was the seventh, where the team scored three runs. The first of three runs was scored by pinch hitter Park Yong-taik.

After that, a hit from Hong Chang-gi scored two more runners. While the hit from Hong happened with Kim Dae-woo on the mound, all three runs were scored against reliever Seo Jun-won.

Starters Given Decision

Giants starter Noh Kyung-eun was given the loss for the game, allowing two runs in his six-inning stint. Noh now has a 5-9 record in the 2020 season.

On the flipside, Twins starter Jung Chan-heon earned his seventh victory of the season. Pitching for six frames as well, Jung allowed only one run. Closer Ko Woo-seok was given his 17th save of the season for his performance.

Both Teams Score A Run Late

A run came late in the game for both teams. The Giants scored their second run of the game in the eighth inning off of a hit from Jung Hoon.

A ground ball in the ninth from Hong Chang-gi took home a runner for the Twins.

Giants Head To Dinos Home Park For Weekend Series

The Giants will hit the road for their trio of weekend games, being hosted to a series by the NC Dinos starting on Friday. Tomorrow’s first pitch has a start time of 6:30PM KST (5:30AM EDT).

Around The KBO

The Doosan Bears had a high-scoring victory on Thursday, defeating the Hanhwa Eagles 16-3 to sweep their series at home.

A hit in the ninth inning from Na Ji-wan was the deciding factor for the Kia Tigers, who defeated the NC Dinos 12-11.

The Kiwoom Heroes won a shutout 3-0 game over the KT Wiz on Thursday, with a lineup of six relieving pitchers helping the team leave the Wiz scoreless.

Bouncing back from a loss on the previous day, the SK Wyverns defeated the Samsung Lions 10-3.

Shutout Victory Over Twins Moves Giants Up To Sixth

The Lotte Giants took their second game of the week over the LG Twins on Wednesday, defeating the team with a score of 3-0. The victory was the second of three games hosted by the Giants at the Sajik Baseball Stadium in Busan, South Korea.

The win moved the Giants up to sixth in the KBO, surpassing the Kia Tigers. However, the team still sits five games behind the wild card spot, which is currently held by the Kiwoom Heroes.

Giants Get Ahead By Three To Win

The low-scoring game saw the Giants score in the fifth and seventh inning of the game.

The first run and deciding run of the game came in the fifth, as Dixon Machado batted home a runner with a hit. The run came against Lim Chan-gyu, who played another inning before being taken out of play.

Lim was given the loss for the game, making his 2020 record an even 9-9 through 25 games.

The two other runs came in the seventh. First came from a hit from Oh Yoon-suk, with the next being scored off of a sacrifice fly ball from Jeon Jun-woo.

Sampson Given Win After Scoreless Six Innings

Giants starter Adrian Sampson had a drama-free stint on the mound, pitching six innings while not allowing any runs. Being given the win for the game, Sampson’s 2020 record is now 8-10 through 22 appearances.

Continuing his consistent season, Giants closer Kim Won-joong was given the save for a ninth-inning performance which saw him earn two strikeouts.

Giants Look For Sweet Against Twins

Looking to sweep their three-game series at home, the Giants will host the LG Twins on Thursday. The first pitch for Thursday’s games is scheduled for 6:30PM KST (5:30AM EDT).

Around The KBO

A hit from Kim Jae-ho scored a runner, earning the Doosan Bears a 2-1 victory over the Hanhwa Eagles.

The NC Dinos bounced back from an upset loss from the other day, defeating the Kia Tigers 8-3.

A solo home run from Kim Dong-yeop in the eighth inning allowed the Samsung Lions to reclaim their lead and win over the SK Wyverns 2-1.

The Kiwoom Heroes bounced back from a loss in the previous game, defeating the KT Wiz 5-3.

Giants Put Down 15 Runs Early To Defeat Twins

Gaining a 15-run lead to start, the Lotte Giants went on to defeat the LG Twins 17-2 on Tuesday. The game opened up a three-game series hosted by the Giants at the Sajik Baseball Stadium in Busan, South Korea.

The Giants were able to put down 15 runs, 13 of which came against the Twins’ starting pitcher, in the first three innings to take a large lead that allowed the team to cruise to a victory.

The game also saw the return of a live audience, as a limited crowd was allowed into the stadium and socially distanced. The change marks the second time the KBO has brought back live crowds, the first time being stopped due to a spike of COVID-19 cases within South Korea.

The Giants’ 15-Run Lead

The first run was the largest one for the Giants, putting down eight runs in the frame.

The scoring started as a ground ball from Jeon Jun-woo allowed a runner to get home. After that, a hit from Han Dong-hee took home two more runners.

With the bases loaded a third run was forced home after Dixon Machado was hit by a pitch.

Doubling his team’s lead in the first inning, Oh Yoon-suk hit a grand slam to give the team an 8-0 lead.

Jung Bo-geun scored two more runs for the team in the second inning with a hit that drove home runners.

Ryu Won-suk was pulled in the third inning after allowing three more batters on base. Being responsible for 13 runs in total, Ryu was given the loss for the game.

Sacrifice fly balls from Lee Dae-ho and Lee Byung-kyu scored a run each in the third inning. Han, who brought in two runs previously, hit a three-run home run to make the game 15-0.

Straily Only Allows Two Runs In Winning Performance

The Twins scored their sole runs in the fifth inning, as Lee Hyung-jong hit a two-run home run. The runs came against Giants starter Dan Straily, who pitched six innings before being taken out of the game.

The stint from Straily earned him his 13th win of the season, moving his record to 13-4. Straily pitched seven strikeouts in the game, making his 2020 total a league-leading 185 through 29 games.

The Giants put down two more runs later in the game, with hits from An Chi-hong and Shin Bon-gi each taking runners home.

Giants To Host Twins For Two More Games

The Giants are scheduled to host the Twins to two more games this week. Wednesday’s game has a scheduled start time of 6:30PM KST (5:30AM EDT).

Around The KBO

Lead by starting pitcher Raul Alcantara, the Doosan Bears cruised to a 5-0 win over the Hanhwa Eagles on Tuesday.

While the NC Dinos looked for a late push in the ninth inning by scoring six runs, the team fell short of taking back the lead, losing 11-9 to the Kia Tigers.

A tied game went the way of the SK Wyverns in the sixth inning after a solo home run from Choi Jeong. The team padded on more runs later to defeat the Samsung Lions 7-3.

Moving up into second in the KBO, the KT Wiz won a 7-3 game against the Kiwoom Heroes.

Wiz Stop Ninth Inning Run From Giants To Take Series

The KT Wiz maintained a lead over the Lotte Giants on Thursday, winning 6-5 to take a three-game series two-games-to-one. The series ended a week-long homestretch for the Giants at the Sajik Baseball Stadium in Busan, South Korea.

The game saw the Wiz earn a lead with runs from the fourth to the eighth inning. The team evaded trouble late, stopping the momentum of the Giants in the ninth inning after the team scored three runs.

Giants Take Lead For First Three Innings

The Giants got ahead in the second inning by a run after both teams had scoring plays.

The Wiz scored in the top of the inning, with Jang Sung-woo hitting a solo home run. The Giants answered back later in the inning, as a hit from Kim Joon-tae took home two runners.

Wiz Get Ahead

Sim Woo-jun took the game back for the Wiz in the fourth, hitting a ball into the outfield to take two runners home, making the game 3-2.

The Wiz scored again in the sixth, as a hit from Kim Min-hyeok scored a runner. The scoring play sounded the end of the start from Giants pitcher Noh Kyung-eun. Noh was given the loss for his five-and-two-third-innings stint.

Wiz pitcher Bae Se-jeong was taken out in the next inning, being awarded the win for the game.

Padding two more runs onto their lead, pinch hitter Moon Sang-cheol hit a two-run home run against Choi Jun-yong.

Giants Come Close Late

The Giants had a late push in the game, scoring three runs in the ninth inning. The scoring started with a hit from Lee Dae-ho that took home two runs. A hit later in the inning from Jung Hoon made the score a close 6-5.

Reliever Jeon Yoo-soo, the third pitcher to appear in the ninth for the Wiz, was able to finish the inning and be given the save for the game.

Giants To Start Series With Lions

The Giants will hit the road for the weekend, playing a three-game series against the Samsung Lions. Friday’s game is scheduled to start at 5:00PM KST (4:00AM EDT).

Around The KBO

A scoreless game ended in walk-off fashion for the LG Twins in the ninth, with a hit from Shin Min-jae giving the team a 1-0 win over the Samsung Lions.

Winning their series over the Kia Tigers, the Hanhwa Eagles took a high-scoring 13-6 win on Thursday.

An early nine-run inning by the Kiwoom Heroes gave the team a lead they could hold on to, going on to defeat the top-ranked NC Dinos 10-7.

A shutout 10-0 performance from the Doosan Bears against the SK Wyverns was lead by starting pitcher Raul Alcantara, who pitched seven scoreless innings.

Wiz Make Comeback To Tie Series With Giants

Scoring late against relieving pitchers, the KT Wiz were able to battle back for a 9-6 win over the Lotte Giants on Wednesday. The game tied up a three-game series hosted by the Giants at the Sajik Baseball Stadium in Busan, South Korea.

A big player in the game was Wiz player Kang Baek-ho, who recorded four RBIs from three different scoring plays.

Giants Hold Lead Through First Half of Play

After five innings of play, the Giants had a comfortable 6-2 lead over the Wiz.

Both teams scored a run each early. After the Wiz scored in the first inning with a hit from Kang Baek-ho driving home a runner, Jung Hoon had a scoring play in the third inning.

Kang scored again for the Wiz in the fourth inning, batting home another runner.

The Giants took their lead in the fourth, as hits from Son Ah-seop, Lee Dae-ho and Han Dong-hee all scored a run each to make the game 4-1.

Wiz starting pitcher Lee Dae-eun was pulled from the game after allowing the first run of the inning.

Adding on to their lead, the Giants scored two more in the fifth inning. Oh Yoon-suk was responsible for the first one, as a sacrifice fly gave him the chance to come home.

After that, Lee, who hit a run home in the inning before, took another home with a hit.

Wiz Battle Back

The run for the Wiz in the second half of the game started with Kang scoring again, hitting a two-run home run in the sixth inning. Giants starter Dan Straily was taken out of play after the sixth inning.

With reliever Koo Seung-min on the mound, the Wiz put down three more runs to take the lead.

After a triple from Moon Sang-cheol brought in two runners, Mel Rojas Jr. gave the team the lead by bringing home another run and making the game 7-6 for the team.

The loss for the game was given to Giants reliever Kim Geon-guk, who appeared in the seventh.

Two insurance runs came in the eighth inning for the Wiz. First came from a hit from Sim Woo-jun, with the other being a fielding error that took a runner home.

Giants Drop To Seventh

Having lost their Wednesday game, the Giants dropped back down to seventh in the KBO. With a record of 64-59-1, the Giants are one game behind the sixth-place Kia Tigers, and three behind the wild card placed Doosan Bears.

The Giants will host the Wiz one last time on Thursday, with the first pitch scheduled for 6:30PM KST (5:30AM EDT).

Around The KBO

The Kia Tigers and Hanhwa Eagles won a game each in their doubleheader on Wednesday. Tigers took the afternoon game 6-4, although the Eagles rebounded with a 5-0 win.

The LG Twins took the lead in the eighth inning of their game, as Kim Min-sung drove home two runs to give the team a 3-1 win over the Samsung Lions.

The NC Dinos won their game on Wednesday, defeating the Kiwoom Heroes 4-3.

Choi Jeong scored a walk-off home run for the SK Wyverns in the ninth inning, earning the team a 5-4 win against the Doosan Bears.